New MMO Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Just Announced

JOYCITY's Mobile MMO, Pirates of the Carribean: Tides of War, begins pre-registration today.

Get ready to sail the high seas!

A Korean developer, JOYCITY, just announced global pre-registration for its upcoming naval warfare MMO Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War.

You can expect everything from the ships to the story lines to mimic Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster franchise. As a pirate on the Caribbean seas, the player will need to make strategic decisions concerning their crew, ship and alliances.

“We’re confident that this mobile game will align with the quality and high entertainment value that fans have come to expect from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise,” said Hanseo Jo, COO, JOYCITY. “Players will be able to experience the same fun and excitement from the game as they’ve felt from the movies themselves.”

Best of all, players can look forward to running into the likes of “Jack Sparrow,” “Captain Barbossa” and “Will Turner.”

jack sparrow, captain jack

Global pre-registration starts today for iOS and Android devices, and those that register via Google Play will receive a special gift upon reaching level 5.

Now, bring me that horizon!

Published Mar. 30th 2017

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