HORI Releases A New Headset for Nintendo Switch

New headset for Nintendo Switch has been getting a lot of negative press, and here's why.

Third-party peripheral developer Hori has released its first Nintendo Switch compatible headset, and players are not happy about it. The announcement was made earlier this morning on Twitter, with a multitude of photos showing a complicated dongle system that requires the Switch and your mobile device.

People are also expressing concern over the fact that players will hear a game's soundtrack and their online friends at the same time.

Why does this headset involve the player's cell phone at all? It's because of how Nintendo has set up the Switch to function with online chat. The hybrid console allows players to join their friends online, but the audio jack that they'd use to chat with friends is covered completely when the Switch's side controllers are locked into its main screen. 

Rather than relying on the easily blocked audio jack for its chat function, the Switch has users turn to their mobile devices instead so they can chat with their friends. That's why the Hori has to have its complicated dongle setup, so that it's usable with the console no matter whether it's docked, undocked, or slotted with controllers. 


Player complaints seem to be less of an issue with the Hori itself, and more of an issue with how the Switch is set up. It's worth keeping in mind that peripheral developers for the console are still early on in the development/release of their first-generation Switch devices, so there are bound to be a few quirks here and there.

Hori's headphones are set to go on the market in Japan on July 21st.


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Published Dec. 20th 2017

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