Naughty Dog Developing a Thumb Wrestling Game

One, two, three, four. I declare a thumb war in the Thumbderdome!

Naughty Dog struck gold in the early days of the PlayStation with Crash Bandicoot. When companies strike gold, they usually get the freedom to do really whatever they want to. Even developers that are working on the big name games want to slow down and just create something fun and original. Naughty Dog's Douglas Holder is doing just that with ThumbderDome Wrestling, a game based on thumb-wrestling! 

The image above is one of the first things I think of when you mention thumb-wrestling! The game is pretty simple: two players use the same controller to fight to the death, using nothing but their thumbs.I've just been told that it isn't a fight to the death but you still get to fight using one of four cel-shaded hands, each with that over-the-top wrestler flare! The game is available for download for free on PC/Mac If thumb-wrestling was made into a full video game (trust me, everything gets a video game) this would be a great skeleton on how to do it. Special moves, different characters, and controls to make you feel like you're thumb-wrestling really shows that Holder put some time and thought into this!


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Published Nov. 7th 2014

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