The Weekly Marmot: Nominee for Dragon Slayer Awards - Notable Machinima or Video Series

The Weekly Marmot video cast is a nominee for Dragon Slayer Awards.

The Weekly Marmot was a weekly video cast about various aspects of the game World of Warcraft. It is hosted on the ZamOfficial channel on YouTube. The host was Lore, who has left The Weekly Marmot to take a job at Blizzard Entertainment on the NA Community Team. The last episode that aired was approximately two months ago.

The Weekly Marmot covered various topics, including:

  • breakdowns of patch notes for WoW,
  • aspects that can be learned from the game,
  • topics on the game and its mechanics, and
  • class aspects.

That list is only a sampling of topics covered by the last few video casts done by Lore for The Weekly Marmot.

Each video cast of The Weekly Marmot included usually a comedic intro prior to the video series intro set. One that I found most amusing was his blue man tribute seen in the video here on The Weekly Marmot - Lessons From Pandaria:

The Weekly Marmot is up for the Dragon Slayer Awards in the category of Notable Machinima or Video Series. This series is great if you are a WoW fan and/or subscriber. If you would like to place your vote for The Weekly Marmot, go here and give them your support!

Notable Machinima or Video Series
Notable Machinima or Video Series
Notable Machinima or Video Series
Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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