5 Coolest Hispanic Video Game Characters

Character: Isabela Keyes

Game: Dead Rising 1,2 and 3

Sadly, there are a handful of female game characters that are mistaken for Hispanic which tends to make the list bigger than it actually is. Tekken's Christie and Katarina are not Hispanic, they are Brazilian and there is a big difference. However, if there was a handful of Hispanic female characters to choose from in the gaming world, hands down Isabela Keyes would be the best. From character styling, character development and game usage, Isabela is a perfect character to start this list off.

Originally a villain, Isabela does a 180 in the first installment of Dead Rising and it is only up from there. Not only is she one of the most well rounded Hispanic characters in gaming but also one of the most well rounded in the Dead Rising franchise allowing her to be an actual character instead of a pawn to game play. 


Published Sep. 27th 2016

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