2nd Annual Dragon Slayer Awards: Share Your Nominations Now!

The 2nd Annual Dragon Slayer Awards - Can Goblins beat Penny Arcade...again?

Update (July 12, 2013):
Thanks for your nominations! Voting is now open for the 2013 Dragon Slayer Awards.

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At GameSkinny, we pride ourselves on having real content from real gamers. In keeping with this we are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Dragon Slayer Awards, brought to you by our friends at Guild Launch... And you.

That's right: you. Without your opinion, no one is getting any awards.

We're totally serious. 

What are the Dragon Slayer Awards?

This ain't your "normal" 'only famous people and big name companies/games win' awards show. The Dragon Slayer Awards are 100% user nominated and user voted. They focus on community managers, community builders and, most importantly, the community members (see, there's you again) of gaming.

How does it work?

Below are the 11 award categories, all are open and ready for nominations. Make your nomination(s) in the comments section below by the end of June. Once we have compiled all the nominations the real fun begins - voting. Voting runs from early July, 2013 through September 2nd, 2013. 

Why should you nominate (and then vote)? 

Because you care - ok maybe you don't, but gosh darn it we need you to. The underdog needs you to. The game that had crazy hype and totally fell on its face needs you to. The unsung hero who is always there for his/her community but never gets recognized needs you to.  

So, without further ado, here are the categories: 

2013 Dragon Slayer Awards Categories

  • Notable Gaming Comic
  • Notable Machinima or Video Series
  • Hype Train Award
  • Notable Gaming Personality
  • Community Manager of the Year
  • Most Dramatic Change
  • Top Community Management Team
  • Most Passionate Fan Base
  • Notable Kickstarter of The Year
  • Best Gaming Team, Guild or Clan
  • Best Gaming Innovation

Did we convince you? Good; leave a comment with your nominations and keep an eye out for more details and voting links.  

The unsung hero is counting on you. 

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Published Jul. 15th 2013
  • Johnk_7369
    Notable Gaming Comic: Most of The Secret World's comics are very good

    Notable Machinima or Video Series: n/a, I don't really know many

    Hype Train Award: Elder Scrolls Online definitely

    Notable Gaming Personality: Towliee

    Community Manager of the Year: I personally think Zarhym is very good.

    Most Dramatic Change: FFXIV revamp is a very dramatic change.

    Top Community Management Team: The Secret World's community team is very good and has very passionate discussions with them.

    Most Passionate Fan Base: The Secret World's by a long shot.

    Notable Kickstarter of The Year: Starcitizen easily. Very nice upcoming game that has over $14 million in donations.

    Best Gaming Team, Guild or Clan: Blood Legion in WoW

    Best Gaming Innovation: Either Rift or The Secret World. Both are very innovative.
  • Foggye
    Notable Gaming Comic - Goblins
    Notable Machinima or Video Series - comicgirl19
    Hype Train Award - Elder Scrolls Online
    Notable Gaming Personality - Wil Wheaton for Tabletop
    Notable Kickstarter of The Year - Camelot Unchained
  • Ken_3679
    I feel that Electric Crow Games LLC should be mentioned for their upcomming project: Greed Monger. This is looking like it will be my preferred fantasy sandbox world.

    On the space sim side there is Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries.

    For pure role-play in a somewhat old-school environment Dark Solstice by Black Masque Games is still promising.
  • Toby Larone
    Most Passionate Fan Base: Lord of the Rings Online.

    The community of this game is so welcoming to new players (unlike so many other Online Games), and as you join into this community, you are surrounded by positive, fun people all the way to end-game.

    EDIT: I also nominate LOTRO for best gaming Innovation. The constant content updates and regular affordable expansions that bring tons offresh new content to the game make this an obvious choice.
  • Pallimmanis
    Notable Gaming Comic: The Daily Blink
    Notable Gaming Personality: Sha of Happiness (World of Warcraft)
    Community Manager of the Year: Zarhym (World of Warcraft)
    Top Community Management Team: World of Warcraft/Blizzard Entertainment
    Most Passionate Fan Base: World of Warcraft
  • Lhinnthel
    Most Passionate Fan Base - Lord of the Rings Online, There are so many events, both in-game and real-life, to show the community's passion for the game.

    Best Gaming Team, Guild or Clan - Hands down, The Lonely Mountain Band of the Lord of the Rings Online is the best! The people in the kinship's community are friendly and kind. They are always ready to help each other out. We have a ton of fun, whether we're at a concert or grouping up for a raid. Even when we wipe, we can always laugh and say we learned something, or at least had fun trying!
  • Rathbreave
    Notable Machinima or Video Series: Two Best Friends Play
    Community Manager of the Year: Rygarius
    Top Community Management Team: Blizzard Community Managers
    Notable Gaming Personality: Sha of Happiness
    Hype Train: Elder Scrolls Online
  • Andeon
    Best Gaming Team/guild/clan - The Lonely Mountain Band (LOTRO)
    Most Passionate Fanbase - Lord of the Rings Online

    those are my votes - thanks for asking!
  • Catri Athena
    I nominate @ShaofHappiness for notable gaming personality.
  • Kittin_5611
    @ShaofHappiness for Notable Gaming Personality
  • Mourninglory
    @ShaofHappiness for notable gaming personality, because s/he sees the best in all of us, and is also supportive of disabled gamers :)
  • Morthrandor
    @ShaofHappiness for notable gaming personality
  • bulreporting
    Notable gaming personality - @ShaofHappiness
  • Celiby_5653
    ShaOfHappiness - Notable Gaming Personality
  • Bootypantsbear
    Notable Gaming Personality - I want to nominate the Sha of Happiness ( https://twitter.com/shaofhappiness ) from the WoW community. Shappi is a serious force of love and friendship who encourages supporting each other, treating other players with respect, and embracing fellow gamers of all ability levels and play styles.
  • Bag_of_Dicks
    Notable Gaming Personality:

    Tweeting positive messages and bringing joy to everyone, everyday. Also a good source of information and keeping things calm since forever.
  • Bag_of_Dicks
  • Bag_of_Dicks
    Notable Gaming Personality: ShaOfHappiness (twitter and won't let me do the symbol)

    Tweeting positive messages and bringing joy to everyone, everyday. Also a good source of information and keeping things calm since forever.
  • Derek_4685
    Notable Gaming Personality: Sha Of Happiness
    Top Community Management Team: Blizzard
    Notable Gaming Comic: Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  • Taio_5582
    Notable Gaming Personality: @ShaofHappiness on twitter
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