The Long Dark Coming to Steam Early Access in September

The Long Dark brings sandbox survival horror to Steam Early Access this September.

Survival sandbox game The Long Dark is coming to Steam Early Access September 22, 2014. Set in a post-disaster world,  The Long Dark promises to be a thoughtful exploration game set in the Northern wilderness. 

The game appears to have the standard survival aspects -- you have to brave the elements, hunt for supplies, explore the world, and find out how far you you would go to survive. The game comes from an interesting pedigree, even though it is the first game from this studio, Hinterlands, whose developers worked previously on games like League of Legends, Company of Heroes and Saints Row

This game comes with a lot of indie charm, and though it promises to be dark, it looks absolutely stunning.

The Long Dark is from a first person perspective, and comes with two modes: Sandbox and Story. Sandbox is an open-world style survival game with no narrative, and you must fight to survive. The game will track a variety of vitals (calories, temperature, thirst and fatigue), and allows you to explore the Northern Canadian setting of the game and promises hours of gameplay. 

Story mode is episodic, telling the story of bush pilot Will Mackenzie after he crash lands in the wilderness in a post-disaster world. As Hinterlands puts it, "he has to survive long enough to understand the profound ways in which the world has just changed." 

When the game launches on Steam Early Access (which you can pre-order from the site) players will only have access to the survival sandbox to avoid spoilers for the story mode. Those episodes will begin release at the games proper launch. You can get The Long Dark September 22 on Steam Early Access.

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Published Aug. 30th 2014
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