Yammix: Bubble Smash Soft Launches in July

Yammix: Bubble Smash will release worldwide in August.

FanART Games is gearing up to soft launch Yammix: Bubble Smash for a select number of countries in July 2016.

The soft launch will make the game available to Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Israel, Argentina and New Zealand in July. In August, the game will be available worldwide for both iOS and Android.

Yammix: Bubble Smash, from the marriage of FanART Games and BigUP Games, is the first game to be released from both parties. Bubble Smash is the first game from the Yammix world series.

The world of Yammix is a sweet one, filled with different candied creatures. The colorful characters in the world will present different levels and activities to the players. In the game, players must pop bubbles and collect different sweet treats to try to save Yammix from the thorns that threaten to take over the world.

The game presents the highly addictive non-recurring levels to keep players entertained. However, while the gameplay is easy to learn, the levels present a dynamic and challenging environment.

Yammix: Bubble Smash is available for download in the Google Play Store.

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Published Jul. 19th 2016

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