Cho'Gall makes an entrance with his character spotlight

Heroes of the Storms' newest character could be available as early as this week! Watch his character spotlight and see what you think

Heroes of the Storm has had a whole host of new characters since its arrival on the gaming scene, the newest one seems to be helping players discover new ways to play. Cho'Gall is controlled by two people and requires excellent teamwork if you're to succeed in battle, Blizzard has just released his character spotlight so check that out above to see what you can expect.

Cho'Gall was announced at BlizzCon earlier this year, and they're doing a couple of interesting things in regard to how you can get the character. Initially it seems that BlizzCon ticket holders will have access to Cho'Gall but players who do not own him can co-op play with players who do. If you co-op play with the same player twice then you will get a Cho'Gall of your own! Another thing that is worth noting as well is when you kill him (if your against him) then it counts as two takedowns.

I'm generally not a fan of MOBA's, but Heroes of the Storm has had me hooked from the beginning. I am really keen to try out this new character; there's still no official date on when Cho'Gall will be available but with the release of his character spotlight we can only hope it is very soon!

Are you a Heroes of the Storm fan? What do you think about this new way to play? Let me know in the comments below!


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Published Nov. 17th 2015

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