Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Headset... Kind Of

Albert Penello sheds details on the notably absent Xbox One headset.

Many gamers have wondered about the rumored lack of a headset included in the Xbox One.  Earlier this week, Microsoft said that the Xbox team was looking into the issue. It has been confirmed that the Xbox One will come with a headset…kind of. Yesterday on Twitter, Microsoft lead planner for the Xbox One Albert Penello said this,

This means that if you already own an Xbox 360 headset, the adapter will work with the Xbox One. However, you can be sure that the adapter will be a separate purchase. When asked about whether it will be included in launch bundles, Penello tweeted that it would be an accessory.

So while there is no official Xbox One headset as of yet, our old 360 ones will do for now. This is good news for gamers, but Microsoft needs to shed some light on an official Xbox One headset sooner rather than later.

So what do you think? Is making people pay for this adapter fair? Comment below!

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Published Jul. 31st 2013

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