Nyko Launches Portable Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch

Tired of jumping through hoops to charge your Switch on the go? Accessory manufacturer Nyko says they have the solution -- and it's available now.

One of the biggest draws of the Nintendo Switch is that you can play your favorite games anywhere. However, it's no secret that charging the system on the go can sometimes be tricky.

That's where gaming accessories manufacturer Nyko looks to change things up with the release of the Power Shell Case for the Nintendo Switch. Currently available for $39.99 on Amazon (and later this month at ToysRus), the Power Shell Case has been designed to kill two birds with one stone, providing players a "durable hard shell [case] and an internal 5,000 mAh battery that charges the Switch via the case's stowaway Type-C charging cable." LED indicators on the case display power levels for what Nyko says is easy reference "at a glance". 

On top of providing an on-the-go charging solution for the Switch, the Power Shell Case also comes with a built-in stand, a Micro-USB cable, 12 cartridge slots, and four microSD slots. 

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Published Jan. 16th 2018

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