Goetia to be first game published by Square Enix Collective

Square Enix Collective announces their first game to be published early next year: Goetia.

Square Enix Collective announced today that the point and click mystery adventure, Goetia, will be their first successful publication. 

Set with a release date in early 2016, Goetia was first brought to the public's attention by Collective in 2014 and received a 90% Yes vote from its Feedback community. The game is being developed by Sushee out of France, and will be available to play at the Square Enix booth during the Paris Games Week.

Goetia was funded by Collective through a Kickstarter campaign that reached its $30,000 target as of February this year. Goetia is a point and click mystery adventure where you guide Abigail, a ghostly young girl, in her quest to discover why she’s back from the dead. 

It is 1941. War is raging, and Blackwood Manor lies empty.

Abigail’s parents and sister are missing, and the air is filled with anxiety and anger. Who is living here now? What happened to everyone? Why has Abigail come back from the dead? And what is this Goetia that seems to be the key to understanding all this nonsense? 

Watch Goetia Gameplay Trailer

Collective also announced plans for its next Kickstarter campaign starting October 27, Pankapu. They are hoping to raise 40,000 EUR for the game's development and plan to release it as a series of episodes in early 2017. Pankapu will be a side-scrolling adventure following the story of a shadow warrior fighting off the nightmares trying to invade his world. 

Square Enix Collective has plans for more future Kickstarter campaigns in the near future, and with their easy community for Feedback there are bound to be many more great indie games coming our way soon. 


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Published Jun. 16th 2020

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