Review: SteelSeries Siberia Elite

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite should be something you look at this holiday season.

With the holiday season here and in full force, one thing you might want to consider getting a loved one, or yourself, would be a new gaming headset. SteelSeries was kind of enough to send GameSkinny some top of the line headsets to try, the first of which was the Siberia Elite.

The Siberia Elite, recently released in the US, runs for $199.99. This headset is compatible with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and basically anything with an audio jack. This headset is much more than that though, SteelSeries was looking to make the perfect headset when they produced the Siberia Elite.

Headset on a head!

First of all, this headset is very easy to set up. Basically all you have to do is plug it in, download the SteelSeries Engine from their website and then get to customizing. I can really appreciate that, especially after dealing with more complicated headsets. Now, how about we get into the good stuff!

Audio and Chat: Enter Your Own Little World

One of my favorite parts about this headset is how I can put it on and be in my own little world. On their website they refer to this as "noise isolation" and it does just that. Because the ear cups are so fluffy, which I will get into later, there is seriously nothing getting through that. I also think the sound is fantastic. It made playing WOW, listening to music or talking to people on Skype so enjoyable. This is because of their SteelSeries Engine which allows you to completely customize your sound, mic, and LED lights. That feature is so convenient because it makes the gaming experience so much better for you.

Design: It's Basically Clouds For Your Face

When you first put this headset on it will honestly feel like you have two clouds surrounding your face. It is so comfortable. It also helps that I have the white ones, so it also kind of looks like a cloud. I also love how customizable the LED lights are. You have to use the SteelSeries Engine to set it up, but you can honestly chose any color in the spectrum or chose one of the presets they have for you. I'm using one of the presets that changes between blues, purples and pinks, but you can choose any color you want.

I was not fond of the suspension headband. This makes your headband, instead of clicking into place to fit your head like most other headsets, stretch into the perfect shape for your head. For me, the headband would fit for maybe half an hour before the suspension tried to go back to its original length, making it very uncomfortable on my ears. Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea but did not work for me.

I give it an 8!

Even though the suspension headband makes it a little uncomfortable, I am still rating this headset highly. Whether you're on your PC or your 3DS or even your IPhone, this headset is a great piece of technology. The Siberia Elite would make a great gift this holiday season. It is very stylish while still doing the job that it's supposed to do. The Siberia Elite is one of my favorite headsets on the market now.

Our Rating
The SteelSeries Siberia Elite should be something you look at this holiday season.

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Published Dec. 12th 2014
  • Erick_2720
    will the LED lights illuminate even if the headset is connected on the phone or an ipod?
  • Rosie Ylonen
    Featured Contributor
    Are the led lights on when connected to a tablet/mobile? In a dark bus it might be a bit awkward if it glows there.. :D
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    How is the mic? A friend of mine had a Steel Series and I was not impressed with his audio quality on my end, plus when he pulled the mic in and out (to mute) it would sound like he was undoing a zipper right against my ear drum. D:
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    Great Review! I had a Steel Series headset that was crappy to say the least but it looks like they are making strong improvements. This headset looks pretty sweet!

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