5 Game of Thrones Battles You Can Recreate in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

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Massacre At Hardhome

Continuing with the White Walker theme, we have a battle where, once again, the unanimous victory goes to the blue-eyed monsters, with Jon Snow and a pathetic boat of companions sailing away in disbelief as the lieutenant resurrects what were once his friends into mindless husks.

UEBS could get creative here, having archers hide behind the walls and firing as the Wights attempt to break through (seriously, the sheer power in numbers those archers have is insane), and the rest of the sorry sods being slaughtered on the outside. Jon would be there somewhere, but of course, our imagination is needed for this one. Possess a unit and let him lead you to victory as Commander Jon Snow!

Oh, and we certainly can’t forget the helpful giant, Wun Wun. A friendly ogre would be of great assistance in the simulated fight. Shame the burning log doesn’t come with it.

Published Apr. 24th 2017

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