Diep.io tips guide - How to use the Stalker

All you need to know about unlocking and playing the Stalker tank.

Diep.io has yet another new class! The Stalker is yet another unique addition to the game's tank class roster, and like the recently-added Necromancer it has a unique gimmick to help it stand out from the rest and attract players who want to approach the game a little differently.

The Stalker is unique in that it has the ability to stealth. For the time being it's the only stealth class in the game and with any luck it will stay the only one and remain unique.

Much like the Necromancer the Stalker takes time to get used to and master. Its stealth ability is one-of-a-kind but its trade-off is the fact the class is relatively weak if you don't allocate your stats well to suit your playstyle.

How to get to the Stalker class

The Stalker is an off-shoot of the Assassin class, which starts as Sniper. So your class order is:

  1. Sniper (level 15)
  2. Assassin (level 30)
  3. Stalker (level 45)

Like the Assassin and the Sniper before it, the Stalker is a long-range single-shot tank with relatively slow reload and movespeed. Every tank within the Sniper class is extremely stat-dependent and this one is no different. 

Important stats

When playing the Stalker, you want to prioritize shooting stats over all else. 

Your most important stats are:

  • Bullet Speed
  • Bullet Penetration
  • Bullet Damage
  • Reload

This tank's base damage, reload, and all are very low. This means your stats mean more than tanks that branch off fast-reload classes

Focus on these four main stats first in any order based on your playstyle and needs. After you have maxed them out (or decided otherwise), your next most valuable stats will be mixed between Health Regen, Max Health, and Movement Speed.

Choose Health Regen and Max Health if you want to be able to survive longer when hit by bullets when stealthed, especially Health Regen. Choose more Movement Speed if you want to more easily move from one area to the next.

Note on stat distribution

You may not want to max out Bullet Damage or Bullet Speed (always max Bullet Penetration with Stalker) and instead put extra points toward Health Regen, Max Health, or Movement Speed for more utility.

It's kind of boring sitting in one spot waiting for enemy players to come by, and it's no fun coming out of stealth and getting 3-shot either.

Stalker gameplay tips

The Stalker's main draw is its ability to get the jump on nearby unsuspecting players, which is easier thanks to both its stealth and longer vision that all Sniper-type tanks are gifted with. You can see further than any other player who is not using a Sniper-type tank but have one of the lowest base move speeds in the game.

Much of your time playing Stalker will be spent staying still and waiting for other players to come by, but if you invest more points into Movement Speed you'll be able to get around and re-stealth more easily.

I can see my regenerating health but other players can't.

The Stalker's stealth takes effect rather quickly--it takes less than a second to go from being visible to invisible. Keep this in mind when trying to snipe other unfortunate tanks.

Like Diep.io's other Sniper tanks, the Stalker is a higher skill class because of its innate slow reloading and the fact it only shoots one bullet at a time. It takes practice and good aim to get good at these classes. Practice your shooting when there are no other tanks around so you can be sure you can hit enemies when the time comes.

Farming as a Sniper and Assassin takes more time than some other classes, and both classes move slowly. Try to avoid fights until you are level 45 and get to the Stalker.

You can see your health bar when you're damaged and invisible but your enemies cannot. Enemies can only see you when you move.

The pink triangles that protect blue hexagon clusters cannot home in on you unless you come out of stealth. But once they see you, they will attack you even when invisible.

The Stalker is a unique class that may need some balancing from what it is currently, but anyone who likes stealth classes in other games will probably want to give this bad boy a shot at least once to see what it's like being a sneaky tank.

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Published Jul. 26th 2017
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    Hey i really liked your guide about Diep.io! Currently i think the stalker is pretty strong and can be very strong in fights. Specially vs Necromancer and Overseer the stalker will have good chances. By the way you guys can get more diep.io strategies here http://appsblog24.com/diep-io-strategy/

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