Saints Row IV Soundtrack to be Released

The electro and hip-hop inspired soundtrack is available from August 27 2013. In the meantime, enjoy five free tracks!

Video game music label, Sumthing Else Music Works, have announced that they will be releasing the entire soundtrack to gun-toting, extraterrestrial-bashing, and, literally, balls-out extravaganza, Saints Row IV. Releasing on August 27 2013, you can pre-order a digital copy of the album on the label's website, or on iTunes, for $9.99.

The game sees the return of Malcolm Kirby Jr. as composer, after his work on the previous installment of the franchise, Saints Row: The Third. So what can we expect by way of a score?

"There is definitely a huge sci-fi/electro influence on the music, but I also wanted to mix in elements from modern styles such as trap, hip hop, ambient, and dub. There is also so much original music in this game for the both the cinematics and missions, with themes ranging from modern stealth combat to retro 8-bit, to epic orchestral."

Still not convinced? Well, for the time being, Sumthing Else Music Works is offering five free tracks to download, including the Saints Row theme itself and a crazy 8-bit style remix. So go whet your appetite, if you weren't already ludicrously excited about the game's release today in the US, or later this week in the EU.

To pre-order Saints Row IV: The Soundtrack, and to download your five free tracks, visit

For more information about Saints Row IV, including purchasing and upcoming release dates for your country, visit

Published Aug. 20th 2013

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