Figment 2 Releases in 2021, Prologue Chapter Out Now

Figment 2: Creed Valley releases sometime in 2021, but players can get a preview of what's to come in the free prologue.

Figment 2: Creed Valley will release on PC via Steam in 2021, Bedtime Digital announced, and a free prologue chapter is available now on Steam.

Figment 2: Creed Valley sees Dusty back on form as a hero of the mind following events in the original Figment. This time, he's charged with ridding the psyche of the dark shadows that plague it, including evil jesters and rampaging hogs.

While the trailer is short on details, it looks like a good bit of what makes the original Figment special returns in Figment 2, such as singing bosses and Dusty's optimistic companion Piper.

The same goes for Figment 2's mechanics: the puzzle-solving, light platforming, and action-based combat.

One significant difference is how Figment 2 handles its puzzles. This time, Dusty switches the mind between open and closed states to affect the mental environment and solve puzzles. How this works remains to be seen, though Figment 2's prologue promises a glimpse at what makes the game tick.


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Published Jan. 15th 2021

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