Guild Wars 2 Fashion: Leopard Lacewing

My GW2 Fashion outfit!

You probably wouldn't know it but she does happen to be a necromancer. Rejecting the traditional death-and-skulls motif her class is partial to, Leopard Lacewing instead draws from life for this particular outfit.


"Oh no, I have nothing against all the darkness and mystery. While there is a bit of stigma to those of our order, we are certainly not evil simply because we walk this path. Besides, should one cross me, they are in no way mentally prepared for the nightmares that will follow"

-Leopard Lacewing

The look

  • Feathered headpiece
  • Winged tunic
  • Winged gloves
  • Winged pants
  • Feathered boots
  • Desert Rose
  • Strawberry, Leprechaun, Lime Ice and Crisp Mint.


From a joke suggestion by a friend to colour myself orange and green, the pumpkin scheme was born and I immediately lamented my lack of a Fervid Censor. However, with the release of the Desert Rose skin - I knew what had to be done.

While a recent addition to my wardrobe, it is fast becoming a favourite. The detailings on the winged armour was too good an opportunity for vine mimicry to pass up. I tried to tailor the outfit to the backpiece with a gentle pink and vibrant greens.

I hope you all love the result as much as I do!


Published Jul. 28th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    Great choice of armour to use for the back skin of Desert Rose -- the chest piece especially as it appears as if the vines are encroaching around the limbs of the character herself. Very "Poison Ivy".

    Good job!
  • CongBear
    love the costume & dye combination!
  • Emperor Griffon
    Best christmas tree EVER
  • Murigen
    This outfit is awesome and it matches the desert rose amazingly. My only gripe is that you are showing off a lot of leg, but that is just a personal thing. Other than that, your costume gives off an elegant vibe :). Wondering what weapons you use--some of the Jade weapons would probably match quite well :D!
  • DreamAvenue
    I know what you mean by showing off a lot of leg. My regular combat clothes (cabalist) covers up everything :P
    As for weapons I wasn't around for dragon bash :c ! But... I *just* got my bifrost (thirteen hours ago at time of writing) so I've been rocking that even if it is an imperfect match at best.
  • Namdu
    This is perhaps the best use of the desert flower skin i have seen yet.

    I particularly like the continuity that the clothing has when paired with the rose, giving the illusion that the rose has embedded itself throughout the entire piece. The colour selection is also superbly chosen with the red hues mimicking the colour of the rose and highlighted with green for the stem and leaves that provides a natural feel.

    Another interesting design (whether intentional or not) are the tattoos that are visible on the torso and leg. The swirls of the tattoo reflect the clothing design and having them displayed publicly in such a manner represents a much deeper connection with the rose.

    This design reflects a very creative use of both colour and imagery that brings forward new ideas. Rather than simply matching various articles of clothing to one another, the designer has put a tremendous effort into bringing life to a simple concept that goes beyond just the clothes but into the character as well.

    A wonderful design and a refreshing change from designs that insist on using large bulky armour or extravagant pieces for flare.
  • DreamAvenue
    Wow thank you so much for that. I hope my reply doesn't appear plebeian in turn.

    I'm glad you like the natural feel because that was exactly what I was going for! I had a friend suggest some yellower shades of green in order to match the rose's vines more accurately. In the end I opted for brighter shades to really bring out the "thriving flora" feel - I believe it was worth the sacrifice of a little accuracy. c:

    As for the tattoos, they are in fact part of the armour. Whoever at arenanet designed the winged pants has my praise.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I just commented on your other entry. Now I can't tell which one I like more. This one is definitely more complex. Still both spectacular and now I really don't know which is best, very torn.

    Thought, I bet this outfit would look really cool with white or black instead of the green. I don't know if it would look better, but definitely would look cool.
  • DreamAvenue
    I'm glad you like them! It really means a lot. c:
    I couldn't decide between the two either so in the end I opted to submit both of them.
    Unfortunately I haven't had the luck to roll abyss/celestial/other-dyes-that-are-quite-close yet. ._.
    But I think you would be right about it looking damn sweet.

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