PSN down for PS4 users right now

PSN is down for PS4 users and is affecting certain areas of service.

Earlier today the PlayStation Network went down in some ares for PlayStation 4 users. The affected areas are: gaming, social, PS Store (purchase, download). The crash has been sudden.

Down but not out

Although PSN is down, some users are still able to log in and play games and access their friends list and so on. Some users are not and it is very frustrating to some as, today, Destiny players would be receiving special emblems for playing since day 1 and with the new Predator character being unlocked today for Mortal Kombat X.

Sony has not yet made a statement on the status of the repairs or what caused the crash in the first place, but we assume that the issue is being worked on and fixed at this very moment. Hopefully, it is resolved so gamers can enjoy a relaxing day of gaming. 

To learn more about the status of PSN visit the main PlayStation website:

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Published Jul. 7th 2015
  • Left Foot
    PSN is working for me in Georgia. Guess I'm lucky!

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