Path of Exile 3.13 NeverSink Loot Filter: Everything You Need to Know

The Path of Exile NeverSink Loot Filter can be your best friend, especially in the end-game following the most recent 3.13 patch. Here's how to get it, install it, and use it.

Following the Path of Exile 3.13 patch, many players have been looking to lock down the best in loot filtration. For those hoping to make the most of their looting endeavors, the NeverSink loot filter just might be the answer. 

Path of Exile takes looting to the next level, maybe even too far. As you get more and more inundated with mountains upon mountains of dropped items, sifting through the chaff can quickly become a chore. That being said, it doesn't have to be.

The guide below goes over how to set up a NeverSink loot filter in Path Exile post patch 3.13. We include downloading links, as well as steps on how to install the loot filter. 

How To Set Up a NeverSink Loot Filter in Path of Exile


Once you reach the Path of Exile end game material, using a loot filter becomes the only practical way to play. With the recent Echoes of the Atlas 3.13 patch update, the Path of Exile end game is a little more lucrative. 

As the most popular loot filter among Path of Exile players, NeverSink comes with a vast array of options, some specifically designed to help players still leveling their characters. 

Follow these steps to use NeverSink:

  1. Go to the NeverSink forum page to familiarize yourself with the program
    • This may seem somewhat unimportant, but it familiarizes you with the tool and how it works; there are also helpful FAQs in case something goes wrong. 
  2. Next, download your filter of choice.
  3. After getting is downloaded, go to "Documents" (or whichever folder you saved the file to)
  4. Open the NeverSink .zip folder
  5. Choose one  and only one  of the ".filter" files in the .zip folder
  6. Drag and drop the selected ".filter" file into the "Path of Exile" folder within your "My Games" folder
  7. Boot up Path of Exile
  8. Go to the "UI" tab in the settings menu
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the "UI" tab, and select the NeverSink filter from the "List of Item Filters" section
  10. Select "Save" before exiting out of the "UI" tab

Once you have completed these steps, you will have successfully installed and activated your NeverSink loot filter. As there are several variations of the loot filter to utilize, take the time to experiment so that you can find the filter that works best for you. For more, consider checking out our treasure trove of Path of Exile guides to learn all there is to know about this loot-laden adventure.


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Published Jan. 26th 2021

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