Alice in Wonderland game review

This video game for the movie Alice in Wonderland is a fun way to spend time with friends!

For a video game adaptation of a movie, the Alice in Wonderland game for the Wii was actually pretty good. My friend and I played it after the movie came out and thought it was fun even if it was a bit touchy. It stays pretty well with the movie's plot and is fairly easy, even if we did get stuck every once in a while.

Why this game is good, but not great

This game has multiplayer and if you are going to play this game you definitely want to play it with a friend. You can be the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and other characters, but not Alice. All that Alice does is follow you around and you must protect her from the Red Queen's evil card men, which does get a little old after a while.

Having a friend with you makes it easier to maneuver the characters while you play. It would be very annoying if I had played this game by myself and had to constantly switch between characters. Having a friend helps you when switching characters because you can assign each other characters. For instance I always played the White Rabbit and my friends always played the Mad Hatter. This way you don't have to worry about the specific puzzles for every character. The game flows much easier having someone take the weight off your shoulders.

This game has a lot of puzzles so be ready to think out of the box. Some of the puzzles can be confusing but mostly they are straight forward. The cool thing about this game is that each character has their own ability that you can use to get through the levels and protect Alice. The Cheshire Cat can make things disappear and reappear and the White Rabbit can stop or fast forward time.

Another good thing about having a friends play with you is when during a boss fight when you need to switch between for example, the White Rabbit and the March Hair, to use both of their abilities at the same time, your friend can be one character and you can be the other. It just makes the game easier to play and much more fun.

The game is good but was a little glitchy at some points and we had to re-start a level to fix it, but all in all I liked this game and had many laughs with my friend. I would recommend it for a family game night, since it's mostly a game anyone can play.

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This video game for the movie Alice in Wonderland is a fun way to spend time with friends!


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Published Aug. 30th 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    Great article! I gotta say I'm very skeptical on video games from movies. I've had my own share of some that really suck.

    It's always nice finding a game that you can co-op really well!

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