Looking Back: The Absolute Hardest Dark Souls Bosses of All Time

The Twin Princes

Dark Souls 3

Lorian, the elder Prince, despite being crippled, comes at you on his knees with sword in hand. You engage him and score a few hits when he suddenly teleports away. He charges his blade with holy energy and slams it into the ground, sending incredibly powerful light straight at you. Dodging your blows with teleports right to your blind spots and striking at you, the Prince does not fall easily.

And when he finally does, Lothric, the slimy little younger Prince revives him and gangs up on you. Jerk.

Lorian still attacks with his sword, teleporting around and coming at you from behind, but now with Lothric launching homing spells and soul spears. If that weren't annoying enough, he also revives Lorian anytime he is defeated, meaning you need to focus on the younger brother to end the fight.

Published Apr. 15th 2017

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