Hearthstone Open Beta Pushed Back to 2014, No More Data Wipes

Hearthstone beta keys have gone out en masse, and open beta is a bit away.

If you got your hopes up for a very Hearthstone Christmas, Blizzard has some bad news for you: the game's open beta has been delayed until 2014.

The above may be upsetting, but according to the most recent Hearthstone developer's blog post, everyone who signed up for the closed beta before December 16th have been sent keys to get into the game.

If you signed up for the closed beta one of these people but still have yet to receive a key (nor can find an email from Blizzard in your spam folder), keep your chin up. Accounts that signed up for the closed beta but did not claim their beta keys will be automatically allowed access sometime in early January.

Closed beta opt-ins will end on January 7th, so if you've yet to opt-in for the Hearthstone beta on your Battle.net account, now is the time to do so.

Beyond all of this is another piece of good news: Blizzard have no more plans to wipe player card data. This means you can push on without the fear of losing your card collection. Isn't that nice?

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Published Dec. 22nd 2013
  • Doug Who
    I'm actually kind of bummed about the no new card wipe... I've spent a ton of money of that game, and wouldn't mind seeing the massive pile of new cards I could play with after a wipe.

    Also it seems a bit strange... as I would imagine with most betas, they would wipe *everything* before going live. This has always made sense to me because it puts everyone on a level playing field to start off.
  • Auldjohn
    I tried unsuccessfully to sign up for the Beta but had problems with the Hearthstone web site. Blizzard Tech Support had no contact information or support notes for the Hearthstone Beta. Blizzard support was apologetic, but they had no resources for the project.

    Worse, e-mails to Hearthstone and the Beta Administrators went unacknowledged and unanswered. (Not an auspicious start!)

    Guess I'll have to wait for the resurrection of the Beta to see if I can successfully apply then. Disappointing experience so far from my perspective.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    That sucks. The way you stay signed up for Blizzard Beta's is to go to your account at Blizzard.com and opt-in there. I'm pretty sure the Hearthstone site linked to that.

    I found out that apparently you need to refresh your Beta opt-ins every month there to stay signed up.
  • Doug Who
    What happened there was actually a glitch. My best friend and I both opted-in as soon as it was announced. He ended up getting his key before me. So I went to check on my account and sure enough the opt-in box was no longer ticked for Hearthstone.

    So I contacted CS and explained the deal. They told me this had been a minor bug effecting a few people, but as always, they were working on fixing it. I then was given my beta key right away and had no further issues.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    Wow I'm sure that is an insane amount of people that signed up before the 16th. =) Cool deal.

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