Valve's Steam Machine and Controller Delayed Until 2015

A 2015 release seems most likely for Steam Machines and Controllers.

In a May 27 post on Steam, Valve's Eric Hope explained that 2015 would be a more realistic timeframe for the company's Steam Machine and Steam Controllers release date.

Hope said that Valve would no longer be looking at a 2014 release for the Steam gaming machines and said the company is just as eager to have the finished product as those who are anticipating its release.

"Obviously we're just as eager as you are to get a Steam Machine in your hands," Hope said. "But our number one priority is making sure that when you do, you'll be getting the best gaming experience possible. We hope you'll be patient with us while we get there."

Testing has been done on wireless prototype controllers with both hardcore and casual gamers. Hope said the tests are providing useful feedback that will help make the controller better.

The Steam Machine is intended to run SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system designed for the living room. It will be a free download upon release.

Valve's Steam Controller is designed to work with every single game on Steam. Valve released a redesigned prototype of the controller earlier this year.

It is not yet clear if the delay of the Steam Machine and Controller will affect, if at all, the release of SteamOS.

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Published May. 29th 2014

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