People Are Willing to Spend $30 On Just a Demo of Final Fantasy XV

Fans are willing to spend over $30 for just a sneak peek at the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

After nearly 2 years, Final Fantasy fans around the world are finally getting a taste of the long awaited Final Fantasy XV.  Just recently, Square Enix released the HD PS4/XboxOne port of the 2011 PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0.  As an added bonus, customers who bought the game also get a code for the Episode Duscae Demo of Final Fantasy XV.  

However, there are those who are not concerned with the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD release and just want to get their hands on the new Final Fantasy XV demo.  Not only that, there are also people who know just how valuable the demo is and have taken to selling it on Ebay.  I know what you're thinking.  It's just a demo.  It can't possibly sell for that much.  If you look at Ebay's sold listings for the demo though, you would see that people are paying upwards of $30.  For half the price of a brand new full release game, people are buying a mere fraction of another.

All in all,  I'm sure Square Enix will be pleased to see how much value fans are placing in the upcoming installment to the Final Fantasy series, and I'm even more sure that fans will be pleased when the full Final Fantasy XV game gets released.


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Published Mar. 19th 2015

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