Loadout Review: Blow Your Opponents to Bits With Outrageous Weapons.

A quirky and fun free-to-play MMO, that'll provide hours of entertainment and pleasure.

For those of you lucky enough to net a Beta key for well-known, Texan game developer, Edge of Reality's latest game, Loadout, you will know what others are missing. The Beta has been in existence for over 9 months now, with literally thousands of online players.

 Yup, it's a space mine!

Back to the game itself, it is presented in a cartoon-like fashion, reminiscent of the Borderlands series, and is played in a third-person perspective. It will be a free-to-play title, available on Steam, once it is officially released, but until then, those who missed the Beta date will have to wait.

 '9 out of 10 moms recommend...Ball Buster!'

According to the developers, there are 33-billion different weapon customizations for the weapons in-game. The 'Weaponcrafting' option allows the user to chose from four different types of guns, and then to customize them with unlocked scopes, magazines, barrels, perks, etc., and to top it off, you can name your gun. Custom paint-schemes will be added in the final version of the game. The 'Loadout' editor allows you to add two of your crafted guns and another gadget, like a Grenade or Health Pack, into a kit, which you can name too. 

An oblivious Mr.T dancing amongst the mayhem

The 'Outfitter' option allows you to edit the appearance of your character, with features like beards, hairstyles, chains, pants, belts, tops, etc. The two default characters have a likeness to Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T, and makes beginners look the better for it! This new outfit, may also be paired with a specific 'Loadout'.

A ranking system is present, with certain unlock being available after a player has leveled-up. The player may track their progress in a dedicated 'Locker' tab. After each match there is a 'Spin-the-Wheel', where the player may win a new weapon part, 'Spacebux' (Loadout in-game money), or even a XP-bonus. 

Multitasking done wrong!

The Beta servers are divided into two groups, namely 'n00bs Only' and 'The Core', with the former being for all players under Level 5, and the latter being open for anyone. It's advisable to practice on the 'n00bs Only' server, just to get the hang of the somewhat diverse gameplay.


There are two types of matches, 'The Blitz' and 'Death Snatch', with more possible modes under way. Both are enjoyable, and present their own set of challenges.

The game as a whole is quirky, fun, and much less serious than most first- or third-person shooters nowadays. The profanity may be set off, but it too adds humor to the pain of dying, which often occurs in a very melodramatic fashion.

Do yourself a favor and play this, (free-of-charge) when it is released to the public, somewhere this year.

Below is the official game trailer:


Our Rating
A quirky and fun free-to-play MMO, that'll provide hours of entertainment and pleasure.


I love playing video games, across a wide variety of platforms, although anything with guns remains close to my heart.

Published May. 2nd 2013

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