Majora's Mask 3D Special Edition To Come Stateside [UPDATE]

Nintendo of America gives US gamers some much needed love with the Skull Kid figure bundle for the N64 classic remake.

After several months of silence regarding if a Limited Edition for the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS would be coming to the US, Nintendo finally announced one, and it looks awesome.

The Limited Edition of the game will come bundled with a gorgeous Skull Kid figure, similar to the Ganondorf figure that came with the Wind Waker Wii U Limited Edition bundle released back in 2013. The Majora's Mask 3DS bundle is already available for pre-order at GameStop and will retail for $49.99, which is only $10 more than the game will be sold for on its own.

The US Finally Enjoys Exclusive Limited Edition Perks

Having a neato Limited Edition in the US is great, but European markets are still getting a few exclusives over us: the EU Limited Edition of Majora's Mask 3DS comes with a steel book, pin badge, and double sided poster.

Nintendo is pretty notorious for releasing uneven amounts and versions of the Limited Edition sets for their games in different regions.

Case and point, while European and Japanese gamers enjoyed some oh-so-sweet Limited Edition options for Hyrule Warriors (with bundles that included a real scarf in Europe and Triforce LCD clock in Japan), Nintendo of America only sold limited copies of the scarf bundle at the Nintendo World Store in New York. To add insult to injury, preordering was not an option.

Having a neato Limited Edition in the US is great, but European markets are still getting a few exclusives over us: the EU Limited Edition of Majora's Mask 3DS comes with a steel book, pin badge, and double sided poster. Sure, it's not a Skull Kid statue, but it's definitely something different, which can be frustrating if you have a "Gotta catch 'em all!" mentality to collecting.

What do you think? Is the US getting the short end of the stick again or do the perks match up to those being offered overseas? Will you be getting the Limited Edition bundle, the regular one, or sitting the release out altogether? Let us know in the comments below.


It looks like the preorders for the Limited Edition have pretty much completely sold out. This includes the GameStop exclusive Ultimate Edition bundle of the game that will retail at $84.98 and comes with the Limited Edition of the game as well as an exclusive stategy guide from Prima. Some retailers such as Best Buy have yet to release word if they'll be allowing preorders or are even selling the Limited Edition, though the listing on their website suggests they will. Stay tuned for more.

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Published Jun. 16th 2020
  • Eric Nicolai
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    As a heavy collector myself I understand the frustration of difference in collectors editions. This was never an issue for me until Dark Souls 2 launched. There were so many different exclusives from country to country that I lost count. However, chatting with a marketing director he made me realize it isn't just Namco Bandai or in this instance Nintendo. You have different branches Nintendo of Japan, Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe, for the examples provided in the article. These branches all have different budgets and different marketing directors with different ideas. This is where you get the differences in collectors editions and leading to problems for those of us that would like to collect for certain games. Don't blame Nintendo as a whole just because they develop Zelda it is just a different marketing approach; different strokes for different folks.

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