Rune Factory 4: Where to Find the Golem Spirit Stone

The Golem Spirit Stone in Rune Factory 4 takes plenty of effort to get. Here's where to find it.

The Rune Factory 4 Golem Spirit Stone is a handy item you’ll need to make several forging recipes and use in a bit of crafting. Finding it is another matter, though.

There’s only one place to obtain the Golem Spirit Stone in Rune Factory 4, and you won’t always get lucky when you do face the monsters that drop it. Still, if you plan on playing the harder difficulties, you’ll benefit from the weapons it helps you create.

Where to Find Golem Spirit Stone in Rune Factory 4

The Golem Spirit Stone only drops from Guardians. These live in Rune Prana, specifically on floor six, but they don’t seem to always drop Spirit Stones. It might take leaving and coming back a few times until you get what you want, or enough of it. Make sure to bring your best weapons and spells, and cook some helpful meals so you don’t run out of stamina.

Some players report finding Guardians in the Sharance Maze as odd-numbered bosses, though we’ve not run into them in our time with the Maze. Your best bet is Rune Prana.

Guardians are level 250 and have exceptionally high attack, defense, and magic attack. Their magic defense is lower, so focus on magic attacks. They don’t have specific weaknesses, so you’re free to choose whatever spell type you’re most proficient with.

What Are Golem Spirit Stones For?

Golem Spirit Stones are used in forging recipes and one crafting recipe.


  • Rune Vest


  • Raventine
  • Star Saber
  • Silver Slicer
  • Gigant Hammer
  • Executioner
  • Golem Punch
  • Efreet

That’s all you need to know about Rune Factory 4 Golem Spirit Stones. You’ll need all the help you can get for the late-game challenges, especially if you’re playing on Special’s Hell mode. Meanwhile, make sure to check out our other Rune Factory 4 Special guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Dec. 14th 2021

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