Halo 5 Update Offers Brand New Map and Canvas

Halo 5 update "Warzone Firefight" will involve a new map and canvas as well as new armor, weapons, and vehicles.

Halo 5 developers 343 Industries have offered another sneak peak of the upcoming update “Warzone Firefight,” which they call their biggest release yet. Alongside new armor, weapons, and vehicles like the Temple Banshee, the update includes the new multiplayer map "Prospect" and an entire new canvas to build on called "Forge". Previously announced features to the update include:

  • Improved Warzone Firefight PvE mode
  • Warzone Boss Refresh
  • Campaign Score Attack
  • Updates to Warzone personal scoring
  • Series 1 of the HCS weapon skins

The sneak peak includes a glimpse at the new Temple Banshee vehicle.

Additionally, the new Prospect map is set in a mining facility where players must use the secrets of the terrain, like trenches and flank paths, to attack those inside the facility. Defending the Core involves even more options on Prospect, like opening the gates in order to utilize vehicles, or focusing on power weapons.

More details on the release will follow next week. "Warzone Firefight" is expected to drop at the end of June.


Published Jun. 21st 2016

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