HipHopGamer Attacks IGN Reviewer Chloi Rad for Review of Resident Evil 7

HipHopGamer decides to "Blast" an IGN Reviewer for having a different opinion and encourages fans to do the same.

HipHopGamer is a passionate YouTuber who has been growing in popularity as of late, and with exclusive interview options and a variety of sponsorships, one can easily see why. Recently, he's taken it upon himself to valiantly lead the charge against all of those who would presume to go against his opinion about a game. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't get any attention since gamers disagreeing with people like IGN is expected by now, due to several conflicts in recent memory. 

Unfortunately, he decided to go about this in a way that raises concerns. After trumpeting the Resident Evil VII’s praises, which is par for the course with his videos, he begins saying that any reviewer who gives the game a 7 or an 8, he would have them debate or battle. To have them "pull out their gamer card" and such,  which isn't harmful yet, but as the video progresses it becomes more and more apparent that he may be too passionate about this.

At about 5:05 seconds into the video, he is informed that IGN reviewer Chloi Rad gave the game a 7.7, and that's when things start taking a turn for the worse. He says:

"I'm going to find out who reviewed that game and I'm gonna SMASH em! Shots fired I'm going to blast them, I better not see them in the street like, I'm telling you right now, you bugging. They LYING! You tell them that I said they lying! Tweet whoever did that? Tweet at them! Tell them "Hip Hop Gamer Says they Lying!” And I dare them to say something different." 

Here's the thing: disagreeing and saying you disagree is understandable. Sending your fans to tweet at them for you? Not so much. Threatening another person because they disagree with you about a video game? A poor decision. Even if it was just a turn of phrase or some sort of joke, repeating it several times doesn't help his case.  It doesn't end there either. The video continues and he shows everyone the name of the reviewer and says:

"Find this person on twitter, find them and BLAST THEM."

Then, he proceeds to lament about how the game is much better than they make it out to be. The video is fifteen minutes long and goes on about the game as well as other things, occasionally looping back to the review before it ends.

This forces all gamers to ask “What was the point of all of that?” We are all passionate about our games, and there may even be some we are willing to defend despite their faults. To send your followers after a writer all because they have a different opinion from you on what you view as a Game of the Year shows a lack of confidence in your own opinions, as well as a lack knowledge on how to have a civilized conversation without hollering at them from across the internet.

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Published Jan. 26th 2017

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