You Can Now Form Teams in Trials Fusion

To prepare them for the online multiplayer mode, Redlynx is allowing players to group up into Teams in Trials Fusion.

Trials Fusion, the platform-racer from RedLynx has recently received a free update. The 1.83GB patch will allow players to create and join clans known as Teams. This feature is meant to help prepare players for Trial Fusion's new online multiplayer mode which will be released for free next year.

Teams can include up to 50 players and each will have their own unique name and symbol. Players can use their Team bulletin board to communicate with each other and set up matches. The PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of the game will support up to eight players in online multiplayer. The Xbox 360 version will only support up to four.

When the multiplayer update is released in early 2015, it will offer three different modes:

Online X-Supercross - Eight players race against each other on three random courses. The winner is the player with the best overall score at the end.

Private Game - Players can create unique games and customise every aspect of the rules including  the bikes' speed and gravity.

Private Game with Spectators - Same as the previous mode except this one allows other players to watch the match and even share it via streaming services.

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Published Nov. 24th 2014

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