MUD2MMO : "LGBT and Gaming, part of the Rainbow Reviewer Project"

Real world issues in a virtual space

Before I get into a video description, this is an older episode.  Explanation below.  If the video is blocked in your country, the link is also below as the "Source" from

In the last few months the issue is getting more and more "hotbutton".  This week the boy scouts said they would not discriminate against gay scouts (which is causing some groups / people to say this is the downfall of society at large and they want to form an anti-gay, character driven all boys scouting group).  Minnesota voted in favor of same sex marriage a few weeks ago.  I just saw a virtual flyer cross my facebook wall to encourage Illinois to do the same.  And because of that, I wanted to bring this old show back to light.

The show itself is talking about incidents where teens are being bullied, online and off (to the point of suicide in some cases), because they happen to be homosexual.  I'd like to think that this is changing, but the reality is that it's not.  A "friend" of mine has been quoted as saying "homos are defective humans".  As long as people genuinely believe this, kids will be bullied, picked on, even assaulted because they're different.  (for the record, this person is no longer my friend...)  It's time to change this attitude.

I also want to include some important links, please share them if you know someone who needs them.

If you are considering hurting yourself or need help, call the Trevor Project now : 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386)

In Canada?
For anonymous and free support and counseling services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, please call : Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.

(And for some technical informaiton)

This week has been pretty....  interesting....  so I couldn't get my normal show out in time.  I will be pulling an all nighter over the weekend and I'll get it out then so stay tuned.  But this was when the show went through a name change.  "WoWTF" was the original title 'till I got an angry letter from Blizzard, "MMOMFG" had the same result and threats of lawsuits from a website claiming "MMOMFG" as thiers, and nobody has claimed I stole my current show title so it's still here.

So in the meanwhile before I can get to a current episode, just to give you guys something to think about, I want to share this old video.  It was done as a part of a collab with dozens of other reviewers on the "That guy with the glasses" forum called, collectively, the "Rainbow Reviewer Project".

Published May. 24th 2013

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