Project Gotham Racing Devs Bring Us 2K Drive

2K Drive looks like a great game for iOS Devices. Or any device for that matter.

2K released the trailer for its all-new iOS Racer, 2K Drive this morning. The game is being developed by Lucid and exclusively for iOS mobile devices.

In the trailer we see that players will not only be driving on the speedy asphalt tracks but can also get fast and loose on the all new off-road courses. You will be able to participate in races and racers will also be able to participate in unique challenges and mini games. You’ll also be able to race on ice in a car that looks like a rocket—have fun avoiding obstacles.

Another added feature in this game is that you’ll be able to listen to the latest automotive news through an online hub. For all those Project Gotham Racing fans out there, members of the former studio Bizarre Creations head Lucid. So 2K Drive will be a game you should consider.

2K Drive is set to release this fall for iOS devices.  

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Published Aug. 16th 2013

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