7 New Furniture Series Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs

Jungle Furniture

We’re living on an island in New Horizons, so it only makes sense to have some proper jungle furniture. New Leaf has a Jungle Wallpaper on sale if you complete the museum’s bug collection, but I’m envisioning something a lot more like deep jungle exploration: thick foliage and not much light, with maybe even some eyes lurking behind the branches.   

For furniture, imagine a bed made up of woven banana leaves. One of your chairs could be a large hollowed out fruit dangling from the ceiling like an egg chair, and then for storage, we’ve got an ancient, mysterious statue that just so happens to open out and store three full screens’ worth of your collected odd and ends.

There’s no natural light deep in the jungle, so you’re stuck using a campfire or high-powered flashlight for your lighting (apart from the inevitable light switch controlling your unseen lights, that is). If that’s too much like roughing it, though, a lamp made from hollowed-out coconuts would be more than okay be me.

Fortunately, you brought along your trusty, rusty Victrola to play the latest K.K. Slider tunes and keep your spirits up, and you can put it on that makeshift table made from woven grass and sturdy sticks. It’s highly unlikely this next bit would actually happen, but it’d be the ultimate outdoors experience if one of the pieces was actually just a hole in the ground for, y’know… certain things. 

Published Jan. 24th 2020

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