7 New Furniture Series Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs

Proper Harvest Furniture

Yes, there’s already Harvest Furniture, but frankly, I’ve never been a fan and just saved Franklin to sell the furniture on again. Garish pink and purple furniture, with rather terrifying looking bird claws for the feet of things like lamps really doesn’t fit my idea of harvest themed or even bird themed. I don’t know why it even exists.

Anyway, the theme lends itself to some easy wallpapering and flooring: an open sky with fields of wheat on the wall, with a cozy brown floor — sort of like the Mushroom Floor, but a bit less busy. Make your bed from a big pile of hay, and you could even use haybales for your sofa too. Cornhusks would add some interesting texture for the tables, and since it’s harvest time, let’s go for not-scary pumpkins for the chairs and stool seating.

The idea is this being outside, so lighting’s obviously a bit more generic — torches maybe, or some kind of bonfire. Or maybe even use a giant, hollow gourd for a fireplace. Sure, it’s completely impractical, but so is owing money to a raccoon.

Published Jan. 24th 2020

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