7 New Furniture Series Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is another broad and somewhat nebulous set. There’s a wide assortment of garden-ish things, like (garish) flower chairs, some bamboo stuff, a pond, and such. The Welcome Amiibo update introduced some more items clustered around more of a theme. They’re nice, but like the Ranch and Cabin sets, it’s more like a show garden.

What I want is something you’d expect to see in the garden of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Big, rose-filled trellises or bushes, and one of those benches you’re amazed is actually comfortable because it’s made of stone are a must. A small, but vocal fountain could serve as a centerpiece, with something like a splash of colorful songbirds to go up on the wall. Your bed is a flowerbed, because nothing else will do for a garden theme, and the primary table just so happens to double as a potting bench.

Seating arrangements could vary, from stumps to plastic chairs or anything in between, and then add a set of Japanese lanterns that have hitherto not counted for much in terms of furniture.

No garden could be complete without a good book to read, so we’ll just have to toss in a bookcase made of intertwining branches with leaf-shelves as well.

Published Jan. 24th 2020

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