Nostalrius Private Server Team to Meet With Blizzard

Blizzard shut down Nostalrius's server only a few weeks ago, but now the two teams are meeting up for a special announcement this weekend

In early April 2016, Blizzard Entertainment shut down the Nostalrius Begins fan-made private server. On the 26th of the same month, the World of Warcraft team publicly responded as to why the server had to be shut down. Today, the Nostalrius Begins team has announced that they have been allowed to visit the Blizzard Entertainment main campus to discuss the server and the future moving forward.

This surprising turn of events - as well as the positive vibes coming from the Nostalrius Begins team - seems to suggest that there may be a possible collaboration between the two groups. It is far too early to claim the possibility of Blizzard starting a new legacy server, with Nostalrius Begins acting as the team in charge of it, but it is certainly among the probable possibilities. That said, it is also likely that they are simply being invited as a courtesy to dedicated fans.

Needless to say, fans are excited to hear what news might be coming this weekend. For now, let's hope for the best. GameSkinny will continue to cover this story as it unfolds.

What do you think the team was invited to Blizzard HQ for? Is it a trap? A chance of a lifetime? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Published Apr. 29th 2016
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    If Blizzard actually starts up a legacy server, I think I might actually play it...

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