Walking Dead Dev: Bond was a Super Spy, Not a Mass Murderer

If Telltale makes a Bond game, it won't be all about killing.

James Bond is a legend. Ian Fleming's memorable character has become a permanent fixture in pop culture.

However, over the years, movies and video games have portrayed Bond in an increasingly violent light. The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games doesn't like that trend, and if they were to make a Bond game - a "dream," they say - they'd stay true to the spy's literary roots.

In speaking to OXM, studio co-founder Kevin Bruner spoke about how Bond is a super-spy, which is very different from being a "mass murderer." He added that--

"...there's not much killing in the books--more spying and intrigue."

Telltale doesn't currently have any plans to make a James Bond interactive adventure, and nobody really knows who owns the rights to the franchise. Activision had it most recently, but it was reported that their licensing agreement ran out at the end of 2012.

"...there's not much killing in the books--more spying and intrigue."

Telltale could be the perfect fit

If you want to make a game that has a heavy literary bent, that features a compelling, even emotional narrative, Telltale might be the team to handle it. The Walking Dead was widely acclaimed, mostly due to its fantastic storyline and character development. If we're to revisit the Bond that Fleming created way back when, we can't rely on Hollywood (the movies just get further and further away from the original spy creation). Maybe we need to give a studio like Telltale a shot at it... and maybe we'll end up with a truly amazing 007 adventure.

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Published Feb. 25th 2020

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