The Best Rick and Morty Mods For All Your Favorite Games

Grand Theft Auto V

Rick Sanchez Add-On

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I'm going to confess something that may not endear me to the GTA fanbase: I didn't actually really like part V.

The heist system was interesting, and of course there's the absurd online experience that's filled to the brim with ludicrously amazing nonsense you won't see anywhere else. But I actively hated the characters this time around. A rich suburban white dude who turns to crime because he's bored with his perfect life and has annoying kids doesn't quite match the Eastern European whirlwind of destruction that was Nico Bellic.

That being said, GTA V has seen some killer mods that give the game extended life and take it in new directions -- from a stunningly beautiful fan graphics upgrade to this crazy mod that lets you fly around in Rick Sanchez's spaceship and fills the game world with a whole council full of Ricks and their attendant Mortys.

Yep, there's catch phrases galore, as well a rendition of "Get Schwifty." Just um, don't go to the strip club when you've got everything changed to a Rick. You don't want to have to scrub your eyes.

Published Apr. 18th 2017

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