5 Battles "Call of Duty" Should Explore in the Future

4. Battle of Hue

Era: Vietnam War

The series may have briefly visited the Vietnam war front in Black Ops, but there's still plenty of ground left to cover in this largely unrecognized era. The Battle of Hue is considered one of the bloodiest and most drawn out campaigns of the entire Vietnam War. The battle ended up being a showcase of the U.S' lack of preparation for the Tet Offensive, as the city of Hue was quickly overrun by Viet Cong forces before slowly being driven out one by one.

Why Include It?

It was the battle that helped sway American opinion against the entire war. With heavy loses from both the Viet Cong and the American troops, public opinion became heavily affected as citizens began to question if this was a war really worth fighting.  What's worse is that while it was declared a victory by U.S. forces, the city of Hue was almost virtually destroyed from the fighting, with an estimated 5,000 civilians killed in the process. While serious in tone, a game focused entirely on the travesties of this battle would be a breath of fresh air in a series with no stakes in the narrative. 

Published May. 13th 2016

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