9 Best PS4 Games of 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn

If you're the type of person who likes to play good video games, then you're the type of person who likes Horizon: Zero Dawn

Seriously. There's not a list on the internet detailing "The Best Games of 2017" that doesn't include this title. 

Developed by Guerrilla Games and released in February, this action role-playing game follows the life and times of Aloy, a young woman trying to survive in a prehistoric land overrun by mechanical dinosaurs. Okay, so not prehistoric -- more post-apocalyptic, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away but still somehow in the future" kinda land. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn's glowing praises stem from the game's expansive open world, intense storytelling, and seriously beautiful visuals. 

Just take one look at a screenshot from this game and tell me you can't feel the wind beneath your wings, can't smell the earth beneath your feet, the grass running through your fingers. 

Published Dec. 5th 2017

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