9 Best PS4 Games of 2017


I never thought I would hear the words "Irish" and "samurai" together in the same sentence, let alone as a singular phrase, until I discovered Nioh

That's right. You get to play as an Irish samurai. Do I even have to sell this title anymore?

Another February release, Team Ninja's Nioh is an action role-playing game following Irish samurai William on his quest across a war-ravaged Japan in the year 1600. This hack-and-slash dark fantasy brings players back to their Dynasty Warrior roots -- and their subconscious need to, well, hack and slash. 

Nioh's charm comes from its aesthetics, its true-to-source Japanese folklore, and its difficult combat. 

What can I say? People like hard games with pretty pictures and folklore about demons (and don't forget the Irish samurai). 

Published Dec. 5th 2017

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