GameMaker Studio 2 Gets an Update and Fixes in 2.0.6 Release

A brief look at some of the changes and additions to GameMaker Studio 2 in the software's latest 2.0.6 update.

Yesterday, the folks over at YoYo Games announced updates to their latest game development engine -- GameMaker Studio 2 -- after listening to feedback gathered from the engine's community.

Users can expect some new changes in GameMaker Studio 2's image editing tools, as well as tweaks to the UI to help streamline the development process. YoYo Games has a track record of listening to the community's suggestions and feedback to bring highly requested quality-of-life improvements to their userbase.

In addition to these changes, the 2.0.6 update also sees some improvements in the following areas:

  • Editor shortcut key additions
  • Improved functionality for the Mac IDE
  • A number of important fixes for HTML5 game exports
  • Changes to the standard naming convention for ease of readability

If you've never used GameMaker Studio 1.4 or 2, you can download a free trial from the YoYo Games website or on Steam. The desktop version is currently retailing for $99.99. For Mac users out there, the Mac version of GameMaker Studio 2 is currently in beta testing, and YoYo is still taking applications for those who want to participate. 

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Published May. 10th 2017

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