You'll Go Bongos for This Dark Souls Challenge Run

Ever wanted to see someone complete Dark Souls using only some bongos? Today is your lucky day.

So you heard of the Dark Souls run with a Guitar Hero guitar, right? Well, how about the person playing Dark Souls with the Bongos from Donkey Konga, the Gamecube game.

YouTube user gbbearzly, who also runs a Twitch channel, is currently playing through the entirety of Dark Souls using only a set of plastic bongos. Gbbearzly runs lots of different Dark Souls challenges on his Twitch channel, like playing through the game using the guitar from Guitar Hero and playing both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 using the drum kit from Rock Band.

His methods may seem mad, but in reality he is someone who has a passion for the Dark Souls games and decided to act on this by doing something we all should do more often: Using a plastic peripheral to make a hard as nails game even more of a challenge.

If you go onto gbbearzly's Youtube channel you can find all of his various challenge runs, in full uncut sections or just select bosses. And he also shows off how he did all this crazy stuff (lots of very odd keybinds and macros). Below is an image of his Guitar Hero button config. Just looking at it is mind-boggling.

Do you think you could run a game like Dark Souls in such a different way? What games do you know well enough that you could do a challenge run like this? Comment below!

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Published Mar. 22nd 2015

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