Pokèmon Y: Terrible Trainer Chronicles Pt 2

More of how I'm a terrible trainer!

In my previous installment, I explained how I abandoned my starter pokèmon. In this week's installment of the Terrible Trainer Chronicles, I'm here to talk about something interesting I've noticed while playing Pokèmon Y and I assume the same can be said for Pokèmon X. In a first for the franchise, pokèmon from different regions are available in-game from the start. Supposedly, anyway.

I've yet to see a wild Meowth, or a Rattata, or Tailow, just to name a few... In fact, with over 50 hours of gameplay I've only seen 220 different pokèmon. That is certainly not even remotely close to the more than 700 pokèmon Game Freak and Nintendo promised me!

Not Pictured: All the pokèmon I haven't encountered yet.

Now I don't know if I am just terrible at math (spoiler alert: I am) or if Game Freak and Nintendo are trying to pull a fast one. I assume the later seeing as how unreleased pokèmon were recently leaked. Rumors are speculating that Nintendo will be releasing pokèmon in DLC packages.

But Ian! How does this make you a terrible trainer?!

Well dear reader, I shall tell you. Quit being so impatient! 

It makes me a terrible trainer because one of the main tenets of the Pokèmon franchise is Gotta Catch 'em All!

If this means I have to buy DLC to complete my Pokèdex... well Nintendo has another thing coming if they think I'll cough up MORE  money for them. For one thing, I'm broke. For another, I'm really broke. I am not in a position to make frivolous purchases like that. But if I don't complete my Pokèdex, Professor Sycamore will be incredibly disappointed in me. 

Although there's nothing in pokèmon that says "You have to complete your pokèdex or suffer the horrible consequences." It's strongly implied that it is an important component of the game.  

To recap: I'm a terrible trainer because I refuse to potentially pay real money for not real pokèmon. 

Nintendo, I swear if you release Pokèmon DLC you'll kill a part of my childhood. I'm the only one allowed to kill my childhood, one cherished memory at a time. 

Tune in next week for more from The Terrible Trainer Chronicles!


Hi I'm Ian!

Published Sep. 29th 2017
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  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    If there is DLC it will most likely be legendaries, which I would gladly pay for, considering in the past all the legendaries that came after the Pokemon in the story have been event only. A few you could get through wi-fi, but most you had to go to a physical place, like NY to get them. That is something I cannot do, so I would love it if these new legendaries were DLC.

    Most of the Pokemon you are missing are available in the previous generations of Pokemon that can all be traded to Black and White or Black and White 2 in some way, which can then be traded to X and Y on December 27 when Pokemon Bank and transfer is released.

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