Best subclasses for Destiny's Crucible playlists



  • Stormcaller
  • Gunslinger

Clash is the all-out war almost everyone craves. With six players on both teams, no revives, and no objectives, the real goal is just to kill more often than you are killed. Almost any subclass aside from Defender can be viable here, but we will mention the ones that tend to perform well.

The Stormcaller has no problem making enemies regret their group efforts to take down your team, especially in tight spaces or around corners. Short of using a Nightstalker or Striker super ability, the best thing to do against a Stormcaller at short range is probably to run. Yes, you can take them down, but you usually won’t, and you’re just adding to the orbs the Stormcaller drops to empower his allies for a second wave of woe.

At range, you can easily headshot a Stormcaller to death, but a good Stormcaller knows not to give you that option.

The Gunslinger is the long-range answer to the Stormcaller’s close-quarters strength. Keep the other team at arm’s length, and then punish them brutally for showing their faces during your super ability. With the Clash gametype being all about getting more kills than deaths, the Gunslinger is the best option to simply take a few opponents down fast from a distance before suffering a swift death of your own.

And if all the Gunslinger’s strength wasn’t already enough, remember to throw down your tripmine grenades for the most satisfying way to kill your opponent and make him want to stop playing Destiny altogether.

Published May. 10th 2016

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