Best subclasses for Destiny's Crucible playlists



  • Voidwalker
  • Nightstalker

Rift is a strange game type. With its long respawn timer, you can’t simply kill and be killed and still expect your team to win. The key is killing the enemy team all at once without dying yourself and using agility to take the spark home. Voidwalker and Nightstalker can both deliver on these goals.

“It’s always about getting kills without dying!” you might argue.

This is true, but if you’re a Striker running around reliably killing one to three enemies at a time, you’ll never wipe the enemy team. Plus, with the Titan class, the goal is usually armor and recovery, not agility. You’ll rarely be in the right place at the right time, and you can’t carry the spark fast enough to make a difference.

Voidwalker’s Nova Bomb provides just the simple, ranged, deadly super required to take out half the enemy team with the right timing. Since the enemy will already be coming to you whether you have the spark or you’re defending from it, you’ll always have a large target.

Oh yeah, and in a playlist where getting past enemies is clutch, you can literally blink through enemy fire as the Voidwalker.

Nightstalkers have another super move that can make your opponent’s team obsolete, especially when all 12 players are generally in the same place at once. Fire a Shadowshot into a choke point or group of enemies and let your team do the cleaning.

Whatever perks you use to modify your Shadowshot, you can generally put at least half the enemy team out of commission all at once.

Published May. 10th 2016

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