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Whether you drive or take public transit, let’s face the fact that travelling involves a lot of waiting. You may get stuck in traffic or just wait around while the vehicle takes you where you need to go.

If that’s the case and you don’t want to stare blankly at that weird mystery stain on the floor, you can always whip out your phone and play a few games to pass the time. Here's a list of 5 great mobile games to make your transit time speed by -- just make sure that you only play them if you commute using public transport.

Tetris Blitz: 2016 Edition

You just can’t beat this classic game of block stacking! Not only is it addicting, but this version offers other features to challenge you.

There is a time-limited mode you can use to play quick sessions, a Frenzy mode that lasts only as long as you clear lines back-to-back, and daily challenges.

If you’re looking for a simple game to pass the time, stacking rows of blocks seems like a pretty good choice.


In this simple puzzle game, you swipe the screen to move blocks into each other and fuse them together. It’s incredibly addicting to try and get a higher score and create the elusive 2048 block.

Because of its simplicity in appearance and gameplay, this would be a great game to pass the time.

Break Liner

Tap the screen, break the correct colored lines, and survive long enough to reach the next level. With great visuals and sound, you’ll want to keep playing for hours, especially since the game amps up the difficulty with each level.

Flow Free

This one’s another puzzle game where you slide across the screen to connect color lines. This version comes with an alternative Timed Trial mode, pitting you against the clock. With over 150 levels, this game will keep you occupied while you travel.

Geometry Dash Lite

An action platformer with a challenging twist: stick to the beat if you want to survive. This version comes with a level building feature, letting players share and experience new challenges. The soundtrack you must sync lends to the addiction of the game.

This game’s great for an on-the-go gamer, the appeal mostly coming from wanting to beat your best score.

Not only are the listed games fun and easy to play, they all have the nice ability to make time shorter on long commutes. Give them a try and see how fast the time will fly!

2048 Game Strategy - How to Always Win at 2048 https://www.gameskinny.com/lnagr/2048-game-strategy-how-to-always-win-at-2048 https://www.gameskinny.com/lnagr/2048-game-strategy-how-to-always-win-at-2048 Mon, 05 May 2014 09:56:34 -0400 Stephen Johnston

In 2048, you combine like-numbered tiles numbered with powers of two until you get a tile with the value of 2048. In some versions, such as Minecraft 2048, you'll be merging characters or other objects instead of numbers. But the way you play is exactly the same.

Gameplay consists of swiping the tiles up, right, down and left, and any tiles that match in the direction and adjacent spot will combine in the direction swiped. 2048 is a strategy game similar to Threes! The starting board looks like this:

The game is deceptively simple as the basic mechanics are just moving tiles around, but underneath it is a complex and strategic puzzle game. 

While it is fun to play, winning is even better. If you want to win the 2048 game, you need a strategy. The strategy described below is just one option and it works very well. Employing these tactics will help you win and allow you to get further even when the random nature of the game works against you.

These strategies work in any 2048-type game, including the popular Minecraft 2048 game.

This 2048 game strategy can be broken down into a few key elements:
  1. Use only two directions (as much as possible)
  2. Never move your tiles up
  3. Keep your tiles tidy
  4. Focus on your goal
  5. Aggressively combine downward and horizontally as needed

I go into detail into these processes below, and include some nifty tips to push your game even further.

Use only two directions (as much as possible)

The tiles can be moved in 4 directions. They are up, right, down and left. You can move your tiles down and left with essentially no risk. This will keep the tiles in the lower left of the screen.

You should then save moving your tiles right to accomplish specific goals such as combing tiles so that they can then be moved down. It’s not that you can’t move your tiles to the right, it just leads to a few issues such as trapping a tile on the left side. Try to make sure you have your bottom row full before moving to the right. I cover trapped tiles issues below.

Never move your tiles up!

You should avoid moving your tiles up at all costs. Moving your tiles up when you do not absolutely have to will cause endless headaches. Sometimes you have to, but if you have any other move, take it!

Keep your tiles tidy

Keeping your tiles to the lower left is not the only element. You should also avoid having your highest tiles to the bottom left. This means you should not have a board like this:


The 128 to the lower left will cause problems. If that tile is 32 or less it is an easy fix, and this is sometimes unavoidable. Tiles out of place like this (64 and above) will cause major issues.

The board below is much more tidy. The 2 that is to the left is not trapped because tiles can be dropped on it and the tiles to the right are fairly low value (32 or less):

The biggest problem is when you have tiles out of sync or in two equal piles that are far away from each other like in the image below. Tiles on opposite sides of another tile are nearly impossible to get back together without luck. Avoid this at all costs using the next tip!

Focus on your goal: 2048

This tip sounds a bit vague, but make sure you take stock of the board periodically. Sometimes you will get caught up in the action of combining the tiles and you will lose the forest for the trees. You are trying to get the 2048 tile.

The image above contains an instance where most likely the two sets of 128 were combined without looking at the whole board and realizing that those two tiles need to be together or they are problematic. If you focus on the value you need to increase a tile to then you will get a better outcome.

Combine aggressively downward

If you have your tiles tidy as above then you should combine aggressively downward then tidy your tiles back up. This tip is hard to explain unless you’ve been playing a bit. Start up a game then keep this one in mind. It will help. Trust me.

Other tips

  • Once you have the hang of 2048, getting a 16 or 32 tile pretty much anywhere is trivial so don’t sweat it if you need one of those to get out of a bind.
  • Stranding a tile to the left of higher numbered tiles is bad, but fixable. That is unless you put another higher numbered tile on top of it. If you have a relatively full board and you trap a 2 in the lower left, then move higher tiles over it then it can be very difficult to fix. Be aware of the board and don't do this.
  • Occasionally you will have to move right and a 2 or 4 may appear to the left of your highest tile (since it should your lower left). If this happens, do everything you can to raise that tile up to the value of your highest tile. This can be really hard if it is a very high tile. If it is the 1024 then you need to raise it, but focus on moving the 1024. If it is a tile lower than 256 then you can usually fix it.
  • If you have to move your tiles up, then everything after that is damage control. It will occasionally but very rarely work in your favor.

The Payoff

If all of this strategy pays off then you get the 2048 tile and you win the game. Congrats!


As stated before, these strategies will work with any 2048 game, regardless of its theme. Once you know how to play properly, you can carry your skills through any 2048 including the Minecraft 2048.