Adventure Quest Worlds Articles RSS Feed | Adventure Quest Worlds RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network A Brand New Twist on Iconic Video Game Characters Fri, 14 Nov 2014 04:13:18 -0500 Lauren "Beleen" Blanset

I was an Air Bender well before Aang came along.

Besides developing games at Artix Entertainment, I am also a balloon artist, capable of twisting up squeaky colorful creations of anything that I (or eager onlookers) can imagine.

After 10 years of being a professional airhead, I’ve made balloon creations of just about every animal, every princess, every superhero—everything. I am always up for a challenge, and in order to keep my hands busy with something else besides Battle Gems, I decided to make some video game character balloon art.

Let’s play!

Nintendo Balloon Animals

More popular than Nerf Guns and Tamagotchis and the little gray weasel that rolled around on a ball, the Super Nintendo was hailed as the most beloved toy during my childhood. And for good reason too—Nintendo created some of my most memorable memories, and now I get to create tangible visual representations!


From NES to N64 and beyond, Mario has always been my favorite plumber with questionable eating habits.


Don’t let that face fool you. This Goomba is not a fun guy. 


BWAAHA! *pulls out needle* Now I get to have my revenge!


Oh yeah, I just made a Kirby balloon animal. Sneaking this in to see if anyone notices...

Final Fantasy Balloon Animals

It is undisputable fact that Final Fantasy X is the best RPG ever created, but not enough balloon animals have been created in its honor. I am here to change that.


What’s the best thing about Balloon Cactuar? It can’t attack with 10,000 needles!

Black Mage

Okay, so he’s not from FF X, but a classic character nonetheless. I’ve always loved Kazuko Shibuya’s Black Mage from the original Final Fantasy games—and here’s my 3D version!


And last but not least… it’s not Final Fantasy without Chocobos! Unless it’s FF 1, because they didn’t flock onto the scene until FF II. /history lesson

World of Warcraft Balloon Animal

So tell me… who else took the day off to play Warlords of Draenor? *shifty eyes* Well. I couldn’t, because I spent way too long trying to design a World of Warcraft-themed balloon animal.


This guy *started off* as Thrall… but do you have any idea how difficult his facial hair is? To create out of balloons nonetheless? And there’s like NO WAY I could make his armor set. Geeze, I’m just a balloon artist, not a magician.

Artix Entertainment Balloon Animals

And now to plug in some shameless self-promotion! I’ve worked at Artix Entertainment for the past 5 years, and I’ve twisted some AdventureQuest Worlds-themed balloons here and there, but… I never took photos of my work! Screenshot or it didn’t happen, amirite?

 Artix the Paladin

This paladin is so popular that an entire video game studio was named after him! Also helps that he’s the CEO’s avatar.

Drawing on balloons with sharpies and paint markers is just as insanely difficult as it sounds. And the face is what really makes the balloon creation pop—figuratively, of course. I attempted drawing Artix’s Battle Gems expression, and… well… it kinda makes him look a bit too happy.

So I gave him some plastic surgery and planted a new face on the Artix balloon. And now he looks a bit too Anime!

But I am still a bit partial to the first Artix face… so I gave the real-life Artix action-figure a face-lift, too. 

Hehe, they’re all so silly, aren’t they? And they are a foolproof way to guarantee that no real work will get done the rest of the day (unless Vines and Tweets count as work).  

 Twilly the Moglin

No, no, this isn’t a shiny red Pikachu; it’s actually a little red healing Moglin named Twilly. He’s been around since Artix’s first RPG AdventureQuest at, and is always there to offer a helping hand… um, paw.

Zorbak the Moglin

Meh heh heh! Zorbak is the most evil Moglin in all of AQ Worlds. I mean, that kind of goes without saying—just look at that diabolical staff. #StraightUpEvil


And there you have it – my hands and lungs have been exhausted for your amusement. I hope you have enjoyed everything, and I would love to hear your comments below as to what new video game character balloon animals I should twist up next!

P.S. I also made a balloon version of my 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards Trophy! But with a pink sword. Because we gatta have a little bit of Beleen flair in there!  

New Game Adventure Quest From Cookie Clicker Creator Thu, 02 Oct 2014 11:21:58 -0400 Landon Sommer

The creators of Cookie Clicker are working together with the creators of Battle Gems and Adventure Quest: Worlds to bring you a new game: Adventure Quest: Dragons. The new game is launching in October on Apple iOS, Android, and Web-browser play.

Dragons lets you hatch and raise one of 12 unique dragons to maturity. Among the unique, animated dragons are Slime, Fairie, and Steampunk Dragons among others. Some of the other dragons are redesigns from those already in the Artix games lineup.

Each dragon has a unique origin story. The Steampunk Dragon is built from blueprints instead of hatching from an egg. This dragon is classified by serial numbers instead of breeds. Instead of training him, you can upgrade hardware and his AI. Don't get carried away, though. He might become sentient and become the dawn of the robot uprising.

Each dragon has a particular gem that players will need to click on to earn points for their dragon. You can purchase upgrade with these gems and your dragon can go hunting gems on his own. Adventure Quest: Dragons is an idle interface game, meaning that your dragons can still earn gems while you are away from the program and even when the app is closed. The game also takes care of the monotonous grinding in the background for you. Only the major decisions are left to the player. Artix encourages you to take that free time to check out other Artix games like Battle GemsOverSoul, and MechQuest.

Quest Accepted: Artix Entertainment and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Wed, 20 Aug 2014 03:35:53 -0400 Lauren "Beleen" Blanset

ALS is otherwise known as Lou Gherig’s Disease, and the #IceBucketChallenge is all about increasing awareness of this fatal neurological disorder. A lot of people think that the Ice Bucket Challenge is just a viral publicity stunt… and they’re right!

Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, more people than ever before are aware of ALS, and the ALS Association has blown fundraising goals out of the (ice) water.

So in the name of an excellent cause, indie game studio Artix Entertainment joined the effort to raise awareness for ALS. On a hot and sunny Florida afternoon, Artix gathered the bravest, most water-resistant team members to take the frigid plunge (see video above)!

In addition to rusting a full set of armor, Artix Entertainment is making a donation at Everyone here at Artix strives to help the community in every way possible, which is just one of the many reasons Artix Entertainment is nominated in the Dragon Slayer Awards for Best Community Management Team.   

Adam Bohn, CEO and Paladin of Artix Entertainment, also challenged three other video game studios to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Rockstar Games
  • and Zynga  

Let’s hope they don’t get cold feet. Or maybe they will—it’s pretty hard to avoid that when getting drenched with a bucket of ice water.

For additional information about Lou Gherig’s Disease and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, head to and discover how you can be a real-life hero.

Together we can #StrikeOutALS with the #IceBucketChallenge!

From Tragedy to Victory: How an In-Game NPC Transformed a Gamer Girl IRL Thu, 07 Aug 2014 06:41:28 -0400 Lauren "Beleen" Blanset

Video games have the amazing ability to transform yourself into anyone you want to become. Upon pressing Play, you instantly become a virtual avatar, capable of heroic powers, notable feats, and stoic dispositions.

But can a fantasized avatar embed the player with its fantastic persona—one that carries over into the real world?  

Yes it can. And it has.

My real name is Lauren Blanset, but to the 190 million registered users of Artix Entertainment games, I am hailed as “Beleen.” Beleen is a perky, positive, and pink-loving NPC in Artix’s flagship MMO AdventureQuest Worlds, always depicted with a beaming smile and kind-hearted demeanor.  

Hi! I'm Beleen!

As Senior Writer and Community Manager (who is also nominated in the Dragon Slayer Awards—hooray for shameless self promotion!), Beleen is the liaison between gamers and game developers, in addition to inspiring players with encouraging words and motivational speeches. The world (wide web) needs more positive role models, and I am honored to be one of them—as my adoring fan base would attest. @BeleenAE Hiya Twitterers! *waves* I’m on Game Skinny! =D

So it’s hard to fathom that a glowing gamer girl is the end result of a dismal tragedy.

(It’s about to get serious, folks.)

Seven years ago, my father was murdered. I gripped my dad’s hand as he tried to hang on to life, and as I uttered my final “I love you Daddy” cry, he managed to squeeze my hand back just before passing away.  

Not only was my dad my best friend, but he was also the glue that held my family together. Following his death, my mother and sisters were torn apart by anger, depression, and grief—all of which incessantly resurfaced with the 6 year stint of court arraignments, hearings, trials, and civil suits. 

The last photo taken with me and my dad

And just when my family thought we could finally put this horrid thing behind us… it reared its ugly head again. Last week, my father’s killer reappeared in court, asking the judge to expunge his criminal record of all charges and required restitution. Of course, no one in their right mind would ever excuse such horrific acts, and as such, the court denied the assailant’s every motion.

So how does a girl stay happy and positive when she watches her father die, witnesses her whole family fall apart, and carries the continuous grief of never sharing another moment with her best friend again?  

My solution: start life anew as a video game character.

I began my adventures at Artix Entertainment in 2009, and just like every MMO game out there, I needed to create an avatar. Because my father’s death 2 years prior was still crippling my life, I snatched the opportunity to create someone who I desperately wanted—and needed—to become.

First, I needed a name. And not just any name—THE name that millions of gamers would identify with. The name “Beleen” is derived of Middle English and Urban Dictionary origins; the verb “be” as “to be, become,” and the noun “leen” as “a fabulous, unique girl whose personality is one of a kind and represents beauty in all aspects.”   

Now that I had a great (user)name to uphold, I had no choice but to create an equally great character: the ideal me. Everything that I detested about my situation, my life, and myself was flipped 180 degrees: my real life misery was converted into Beleen’s positivity; my forlorn face now illuminated Beleen’s contagious smile; and the gloom which shrouded the real me became the shining beacon of hope that Beleen instilled upon the players.

Because I applied the Beleen façade daily, it actually started to change my real life existence. I became a happier person because Beleen was always happy. The Beleen NPC was beautiful and had a great body, so I began exercising daily and significantly changed my eating habits. I used Beleen’s teachings and happiness to enhance my own personal endeavors, and because of that, I literally transformed my mental attitude and physical appearance.


Beleen started as a dream and became my reality. She gave me the 1-UP I needed to continue this game of life.

Even though I have become Beleen, the pain of losing my dad will never go away. No one can walk me down the aisle on my most magical day. My children will never know their grandfather. And I’ll never enjoy that Saturday morning fried-egg feast that only a father knows how to cook up.

Life is full of ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies. But it’s never a game over—because there’s always an option to hit Restart. You just have to find that button and have the courage to press Play again.

Dragon Slayer Award Nominees: Most Passionate Fan Base Mon, 04 Aug 2014 17:01:53 -0400 Travis McGee

What would any game be without a devoted fan base willing to show its love and appreciation in art, letter, and demonstration?

From awesome cosplay to beautiful works of art. From conventions to million-dollar tournaments. From the passionate individual fan to entire communities here are your Dragon Slayer Award Nominees for Most Passionate Fan Base.

  • AdventureQuest Worlds
  • DotA 2
  • League of Legends
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Marvel Heroes
  • World of Warcraft

What Inspires a Fan Base to be Passionate?

We all play games because we enjoy them, and if you ask 10 different gamers what they like about the games they play you're bound to get 10 different answers.

For some, loyalty plays a big part in their fandom - that is, the both the loyalty they've shown a game over a long span of time and the loyalty the game's developers have shown them. Typically this is found most often in long-running games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends because these fans have spent large portions of their life enjoying the game and supporting it.

For others a game's community is the reason for their passion. Games introduce us to new friends and there isn't a game out there without its own communities. For these fans, the game that inspired such a following is secondary to the communities inspired by it. A good example of how community impassions a fan can be found in Marvel Heroes where the game's communities overlap with the fan communities of Marvel Comics.

Sometimes what impassions a fan can really only be described as love. The love for the story, art, mechanics, lore or even overall design of a game can really be all a fan base needs to want to show their passion and appreciation. All of the nominees obviously fall under this category as much as the two above, and there are surely many other reasons gamers become passionate fans of the games they play. But, love is at the heart of it all.

How Do Fan Bases Show Their Passion?

Fans show their passion any way they can. Artists draw and paint. Writers write novels, short stories, and poetry. Actors act in their own videos based off the game they love. The list actually goes on and on.

The biggest way a fan base shows their passion is through each individual fan turning their own unique skills and talents towards showing their appreciation. This often results in contributions from the fan base that get incorporated into the game in some way.

Beautiful cosplay, amazing art, wonderful writing, and even viral videos are just a few of the ways that a fan base can show their passion for the game they love. There are far too many ways just to list in one place, but what matters most is that whatever they do the most passionate fan base needs to be completely over the top.

So...How Do I Know Who to Vote For?

This one's easy! Either cast your vote for the nominee that you're the most a fan of or the nominee who you feel has had the most awesome and unforgettable demonstration of their passion as a fan.

Don't waste any time. You can cast your vote here, and don't forget to check out the other categories for Dragon Slayer Awards, too!

Guild Launch's Nominees for the 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards: Best Community Manager Wed, 30 Jul 2014 09:53:28 -0400 Proto Foe

It is that time of year again, the time where all your DKP is counted up and distributed across the 'Best Community Managers' of 2014. For three years now, our sister-site, Guild Launch has hosted the Dragon Slayer Awards.

So, how exactly does the Dragon Slayer Award process work? Well, members of the communities of nominate community managers, community builders, streamers, and developers, among others. This happens over three rounds, and when those rounds have concluded the final list is released. Voting is live now and runs through to September 1st, so be sure to register your vote.

Past winners of the Community Manager award include, Jonathan "Zarhym" Brown in 2012, and Andrew "Tamat" Beegle in 2013.

The Nominees

What is a Community Manager? 

A CM can be compared to a Man-in-Black, a Sheppard, a conduit, a punching bag... but I like see them as the our best friends (within the community that we are involved in.) Among other duties, they help us through each day, tell us when we are out of line, and pass on any frustrations we may have.

They achieve this through many means; social media, live streams, blogs, live interviews, forums, and any other mediums that can enable productive communications with the community-at-large.

As a former CM, I know that a lot of what happens behind-the-scenes goes unnoticed: long hours, short weekends, infinite coffee, dropped Skype calls. Yet, when that piece of news goes out and the community reacts, good or bad, it's when you know you have done your job. These nominees all do their jobs to the highest standard.

The Question Then

Which Community Manager has ticked your boxes? Is it Tony Rey and the 'I'm a fan' mentality he brought to WildStar during the launch period? Could it be Jessica Folsom and her down-to-earth management of the ESO forums amidst the cries of foul by the community? Or is it longstanding CM, Zarhym, who never fails bring opinion and fact from both sides of the fence when discussing content with the World of Warcraft community? Or will it be one of the other, equally deserving, Community Managers? The power is in your hands.

Let your voice be heard, vote now! Feel free to vote on the other categories too.

[Interview] Adam "Artix" and The Epic 'Combat Wedding' of His Dreams Thu, 05 Dec 2013 11:08:16 -0500 Amy White

Adam and Michelle, who you may know as Artix and Trini of Artix Entertainment (game studio behind Adventure Quest Worlds and upcoming Battle Gems), threw an epic battle wedding featuring knights, ninjas, Ironman, Batman, and a host of other villains and heroes, but the story behind it is just as touching and hilarious as it is unique.

Adam sat down to tell us all about how the wedding came together, and why it was so special to them. Plus what went down at the reception (you will never guess how the cake was cut)!

Related: [Slideshow] Did Your Wedding Have Ninjas? Artix Gaming Couple Throws Epic Battle Wedding for the Ages

Who's idea was this crazy battle wedding ceremony?

Adam / Artix: "Ever since I was little boy I dreamed of my combat wedding. When I was ten I kind of envisioned there being more giant evil skeletons and dragons but this went wonderfully... amazingly... wonderamazingly."

Most wedding to do lists read: Buy flowers, get tux. Was yours: Hire ninjas, call Ironman?

Adam / Artix: "Well the first step is finding the amazing woman who not only puts up with this but actually endorses it. I found a rare gem."

I noticed your Groomsmen wore plate armor, when most of the time they get stuck renting cummerbunds

Adam / Artix: "Yeah - and you thought those were uncomfortable! Well, in our video games we have weddings, and we always have a guy in a suit with armor over the arms. When I went to Jos. A. Bank and told them what we wanted to do, the lady gave me the most unusual stare... I'm going to take the video back to the store and show her how everything turned out."

So it sounds like your bride, Michelle, was completely on board?

Adam / Artix: "It was kind of amazing. We joked about this, and then I proposed... The second we were engaged she planned the whole thing. Michelle and her friends took care of everything. I told her what I wanted to do, she immediately agreed."

Did anyone think it wasn't such a great idea?

We should make it something they'll remember.

Adam / Artix: "Voltaire (a good friend and well known musician) advised me that the wedding should really focus on Michelle and be a special day for her. I approached her later and said 'hey this wedding is all about you, we can drop it, we don't have to do a thing.' Michelle responded:

"This wedding is NOT just about me, this is us celebrating with our friends that we're sharing the rest of our lives together. We should make it something they'll remember."

What was the reception like?

George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast narrated cutting the cake, which we cut with the #2 replica of WoW's Frostmourne - a $20,000 sword.

Adam / Artix: "People have asked 'why didn't you do this after the wedding ceremony?' Because it got even crazier after the ceremony! Every celebrity that's ever been in the game showed up! The One Eyed Doll - Austin's #1 punk rock band, showed up and jammed during cocktail hour. George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast narrated cutting the cake, which we cut with the #2 replica of World of WarCraft's Frostmourne - a $20,000 replica.

So where did you find the ninjas who crashed your ceremony?

At the reception, the ninjas all started doing break dancing...

Adam / Artix: "Former american ninja warrior contestants played the ninjas. And two of the guys were actually ninjas! One was Drew Dreshell, one of the top competitors from the show.

"At the reception, the ninjas all started doing break dancing, which turned into a giant dance off. It got pretty intimidating, because what do you do when people are doing flips in the middle of the room? Joel Wynkoop who played the hotel manager has been in over 20 movies, and he broke out a Billy Joel song and let loose; it was pretty touching."

Any other special moments?

Adam / Artix: "Voltaire played a set of songs at our reception. I've seen his concerts at DragonCon where he plays for rooms of 5,000, and here he is playing the song "When You're Evil" at my wedding, and my grandparents were dancing to it.

"That's the sort of thing that stays in your memory forever."

How did you and Michelle leave the ceremony? Did you take the Batmobile?

Adam / Artix: "I like the truth because it always makes for a better story. Michelle never left the dance floor, and Michelle and I were the very last people to leave the wedding. When we left, my Pomeranian wasn't feeling good - too many people, too much stuff - he's not a puppy anymore. We actually went out and bought some ibuprofen and went home and massaged him 'til he felt better."

A huge thank you to Adam for sharing the details of this exceptional wedding! All the best wishes to you and Michelle.