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Green Man Gaming has had some solid sales over the past several months. Going toe to toe with Steam, Green Man often has more themed sales more often. This time around, the Scandimania sale offers savings on some of the great north's best games. 

From stealth shooters to turn-based strategy games and city builders, the Scandimania sale might not have a wide selection of games on offer, but all of them are well worth your time and attention. 

Here's are the games that are on sale, some up to 77% off. It's worth noting that there are tons of DLC packs on sale as well, many at steep discounts.

We've included the sales price and the original price of each game in the table below. We've opted to not include DLC packs because there are so many available.

Game/DLC Sales Price Original Price
Age of Wonders 3  $7.87  $34.99
Battletech   $12.24  $39.99
Battletech Urban Warfare  $14.39  $19.99
Cities in Motion 2  $4.50  $19.99
Cities Skylines  $6.75  $29.99
Conan Exiles  $17.00  $39.99
Conan Unconquered  $11.89  $19.99
Europa Universalis 4  $9.00  $39.99
Generation Zero  $20.99  $34.99
Hearts of Iron 4 Colonel Ed.  $18.00  $49.99
Hitman 2  $21.12  $59.99
Inside  $6.30  $19.99
Just Cause 2  $2.25  $14.99
Just Cause 3  $5.00  $19.99
Just Cause 4  $19.80  $59.99
Knights of Pen and Paper 2  $3.37  $14.99
Limbo  $1.80  $9.99
Mutant Year Zero  $17.84  $34.99
Pillars of Eternity Hero Ed.  $16.19  $29.99
Steel Division: Normandy 44  $12.24  $39.99
Stellaris  $9.00 $39.99 
Surviving Mars  $9.18  $29.99
Tyranny  $22.50  $49.99
Warhammer: Vermintide 2  $7.50  $29.99


Here's a link to the entire sale so you can check out the games and DLC packs for yourself. Mind that the map on the page is interactive, and you must click the country name on the map to be taken to the individual sale pages. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more deals as they come available. 

Top 10 best strategy games of 2015 Sun, 13 Dec 2015 15:56:55 -0500 Serhii Patskan


1. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void


Released: November 10, 2015
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment link


This final chapter in the StarCraft saga is well designed for both newcomers and veterans of the series. For those who haven’t played the previous games at all or simply have forgotten what happened in the previous episodes of the story there is a great introductory cutscene in the Legacy of the Void, covering all the twists and turns of the plot, bringing everything together in the storyline of the Protoss.


Throughout a single campaign walkthrough you can change the types of units and their abilities in each mission.  Also, the side objectives are now as important as the main missions and at times these side missions are even worth taking due to the rewards you receive after accomplishing them.


Of course, the single-player campaign is a true pleasure, but what makes Legacy of the Void really stand out is an excellent multiplayer mode. The first thing worth noting is Archon mode, an additional function for cooperative battles in Ranked and Unranked games. It only works if you play with a friend on the same team. Another important feature of the multiplayer is random tournaments. Every two hours throughout the day players are invited to participate in any tournament with a pre-specified set of rules. This adds an extra fun bit to an already perfect game.


Legacy of the Void lifts the whole series to new heights. StarCraft II is once again above any other competitor this year, and it continues to grow offering players an excellent storyline and interesting co-op mode that improves with every expansion. Therefore, since the best RTS has now become even better there is every reason to check it out.


What is your favorite strategy game of 2015? Which one you think does or does not deserve to be in this top 10? Which strategy game has the best multiplayer in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section below.


2. Homeworld Remastered Collection


Released: February 25, 2015
Developer: Gearbox Software
Steam link


Gearbox Software has done some impressive work on this remastered collection of the first two Homeworld games, originally released in 1999 and 2003. Everything from models and textures to rendering and effects was adapted for high definition screens. On top of that, Gearbox implemented a multiplayer mode, which can handle up to eight players online.


The developers didn’t limit themselves to the visual side of things, but carefully reconfigured the basics of the game mechanics. First, the new unified interface is now much more convenient than the previous versions. Second, the basic gameplay of the original Homeworld has been shifted to resemble Homeworld 2, which entailed a number of significant changes.


Now, there are plenty of resources in space and there is no need for a massive thievery of the enemy ships. Research now requires investments, and small ships like the fighters and bombers no longer require constant refueling, as fuel is completely eliminated from the game. All this means that both Homeworld games are now more alike than ever before.


Homeworld and Homeworld 2 are two great games that are really noteworthy. They rightfully earned the place in the video gaming history alongside such iconic titles like C&C and Starcraft.


3. Total War: Attila


Released: February 17, 2015
Developer: Creative Assembly
Steam link


Total War: Attila, also jokingly known as Total War: Rome 2.1, is a new game from Creative Assembly enriched with new mechanics designed to convey the specifics of the migration and the formation of the hordes. They also enhanced siege mechanics and diplomatic and political opportunities.


Since the Total War games have a huge community of fans, it was an obvious choice for the developers to continue the series after they successfully released Alien: Isolation. The new game is set in the Dark Ages, the period after the Roman Empire split into two parts.


There are ten factions to choose from and you need to manage their relationships by waging wars or keeping the peace for as long as possible through diplomacy. Concerning gameplay mechanics there's not much that has been changed, as you still have two basic interfaces for turn-based strategy and real-time combat.


This may not be the best game for new players to start with, as the campaign requires controlling a huge amount of different aspects of politics, diplomacy, city building and sustaining armies. Other than that, the challenging campaigns will fully satisfy the needs of those already familiar with the game.


4. Age of Wonders III - Eternal Lords


Released: April 14, 2015
Developer: Triumph Studios
Steam link


Those who are familiar with Age of Wonders series know that this game is similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization where players focus on building cities and finding resources, but in a fantasy setting filled with dragons and magic powers.


This year’s expansion for Age of Wonders III - Eternal Lords adds a lot of new features, such as three new characters in the form of Frostling, Tigran and Necromancer bringing the total to seven (if you have both original game and the previous expansion - Golden Realms), treasure sites, new equipment, bonus abilities, diplomacy, etc.


It is especially fun to play as a Necromancer, as his undead ghouls don’t care about reputation and, most importantly, don’t reproduce naturally. So, the most reliable way to increase the population is start a war, you know, to keep the flow of fresh corpses coming. Everything else, like set of spells, skills, and units are very impressive and original, as well.


Age of Wonders III - Eternal Lords is a true fantasy kingdom simulator in the form of 4X turn-based strategy. And, we really hope this is not going to be the final expansion for the game.


5. Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide


Released: October 9, 2015
Developer: Firaxis Games
Steam link


Rising Tide is a huge expansion to Civilization: Beyond Earth, a part of an already well-established strategy games series – Sid Meier’s Civilization. Last year’s Beyond Earth was a critical success, but not all players appreciated the game as much as the critics. So, the developers decided to fix the inconsistencies in the gameplay that fans were so concerned about.


The title Rising Tide derives from the main focus of the DLC – a colonization of the seas through the naval battles. Now, you can build your cities on the surface of the water and even move them to the desired locations.


The new diplomacy system is also quite intriguing. It includes alliance management and diplomatic capital. Of course, this adds a whole new layer to the gameplay experience, but also creates more pressure. The AI has become more responsive and really gives you a sense of cooperation with your neighbors.


Overall, if you liked Civilization V, but were not intrigued by Beyond Earth, you can safely try Rising Tide, as this is exactly the kind of Civilization game the fans have been waiting for. It fills a significant number of gaps in the gameplay.


6. Mordheim: City of the Damned


Released: November 19, 2015
Developer: Rogue Factor
Steam link


Mordheim: City of the Damned is another Warhammer board game adaptation. Here, you can switch between two view modes: you can play your character from a third-person perspective and manage everything else as a turn-based strategy with the help of an overhead camera.


There are four warbands in the game; each band has its leader, heroes and henchmen. Respectively, there are four campaigns dedicated to each warband, including various side-quests. The main objective of the game is to eliminate all enemy units.


It’s a hard game and requires a lot of focus. Make one wrong move and you'll have to start again. In this respect, Mordheim: City of the Damned sticks closely to the roots of its board game original. The visual side of the game, albeit its limited characteristics, is quite atmospheric and provides a sense of constant dread.


If you enjoy the universe of Warhammer and yearn for a new tactical strategy that is demanding and unforgiving, then check Mordheim out.


7. Grey Goo


Released: January 23, 2015
Developer: Petroglyph Games
Steam link


This year started with the release of an excellent real-time strategy game - Grey Goo. The players are presented with three diverse races, the ability to develop bases, mine resources, build armies and fight in epic battles.


The game takes some of the core ideas of the Command & Conquer series and introduces some of its own concepts as well. The pace of gameplay depends on the chosen tactics and the level of intellect of your opponent.


Finding resources on the map may become a bit of a chore, as there aren’t that many spots with really valuable stuff. Usually, the side that disposes of their resources in the most effective way wins. The sense of control increases drastically throughout the game: in time you will be able to manage a whole army and not just individual units.


Unfortunately, Grey Goo has too many competitors this year that are better. But it offers challenge and complexity that every old-school strategy fan is looking for.


8. Blood Bowl 2


Released: September 22, 2015
Developer: Cyanide
Steam link


Blood Bowl 2 is a fantasy version of American football and the PC version of the famous two-player turn-based board game Blood Bowl by Games Workshop that involves the characters from the Warhammer universe.


The original Blood Bowl was released in 2009 and since then the developers have significantly upgraded graphics and made a big step toward attracting new players by introducing a training mode with the plot. The game has a total of eight races to choose from and an excellent PvP multiplayer mode.


The gameplay is fairly simple: you need to manage players and try to score as many touchdowns as you can. On top of that, you are allowed to hit and kill your opponents on the field, bribe judges, etc. Each of the playable races has its own attitude and tactics .


The developers promise to add more new races, fix errors, and generally support the project for a long time. Blood Bowl 2 is a unique game - you will either fall in love with it and become a huge fan, or absolutely reject the unusual gameplay mechanics. It’s a niche product and that is why it is so valuable to its core audience.


9. Satellite Reign


Released: August 28, 2015
Developer: 5 Lives Studios
Steam link


Satellite Reign is an ideological follow-up, a modern remake of Syndicate and Syndicate Wars – tactical cyberpunk classics. The basic principles and mechanics of the game have not changed. Besides tactics there is also a strategic component: saving money, kidnapping prototypes, hiring scientists to conduct research, and obtaining new types of equipment, weapons, gadgets and various implants.


You control four characters from an isometric perspective and each character has its own specific abilities. Satellite Reign features an open world that is rich and detailed with impeccable cyberpunk aesthetics.


The first few hours may seem difficult, as your abilities are extremely limited, but if you can make it past this early stage of the game, you will be immensely rewarded with a huge variety of missions to come. The story is deep and meaningful, as you’re trying to make your way through different obstacles in order to steal the drug of immortality.


This is indeed a cyberpunk game by-the-book that is worth investing many hours of your free time into -- if that’s what you’re looking for. Let's hope that the developers will keep updating the game and add new features. They have already revealed that they are working on a co-operative multiplayer mode.


10. Sorcerer King


Released: July 16, 2015
Developer: Stardock Games
Steam link


Sorcerer King is the fourth attempt by Stardock Games to release a fantasy-based 4X-strategy and this is their best game yet. This time it’s not just another add-on to Elemental: War of Magic, Fallen Enchantress or Legendary Heroes, but instead is a original game with an updated visual style.


The game features an asymmetric gameplay with six available characters and an editor allowing you to customize your own skills. The developers managed to combine various game mechanics, achieve a good balance, and still make everything quite simple.


You start with one city and a couple of soldiers and grow from there. Your main task is to prevent the Sorcerer King’s army from destroying the crystal shards scattered around the kingdom. On your journey you will have an opportunity to explore lots of caves and dungeons, and earn your stats. You will also be involved in diplomatic relationships with other cities, so there’s much more to this game than just pillaging.


Sorcerer King is a perfect introduction for those who want to discover a turn-based strategy genre for themselves. Probably, veterans won’t see too many interesting things here, but if you like Heroes of Might and Magic series, then this game is worth checking out.


This gaming year has been very productive in the field of strategy genre. There were a lot of really good titles released in all kinds of sub-genres; such as grand, turn-based, real-time, military, economic, historical, fantasy, and even futuristic cyberpunk.


Every dedicated fan could find a game tailored to their specific preferences, both in single-campaign and multiplayer mode sessions. This article offers a look at the finest tactical-based and real-time strategy games that have been growing in popularity throughout the year, giving you a glimpse at the brightest representatives of the genre.


So, without any further ado, let’s begin the countdown of the top 10 best strategy games of 2015.

The state of RPGs in 2015 Fri, 04 Dec 2015 15:31:16 -0500 Ty Arthur

We've reached the end of another year, and it's time to take stock of what's come to pass and what's on the horizon in the world of role playing games. Although several of the biggest names didn't get sequels, 2015 was still a stellar year overall for RPGs – so long as you knew where to look. The best entries frequently weren't the AAA titles.

Recapping a full year's worth of games is a difficult proposition, and its made more challenging when considering just where the boundaries of the genre really sit. Unlike some genres, like first person shooters, RPGs cover a much wider range of play styles and tend to tweak their formulas more often. Take the reboot of King's Quest, for instance -- it might be primarily an adventure game, but there's a compelling argument there that it also lands in RPG territory, especially considering the series' history.

Things get more complicated when you thrown in strategy games. Are Blackguards 2, Sorcerer King, and Age Of Wonders III out of the running entirely, or are they RPGs that happen to use turned-based or real-time strategy as their core mechanic? Let's not forget Bloodborne, which is more an action game than an RPG, but seems to lean into role-playing through its setting and character stats.

RPG, or turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting?

Where to draw the line is an interesting topic on it's own, but for our purposes we're going to stick primarily to titles that are solidly RPGs in the classic sense of the term, with only a few forays into gray territory.

The Biggest RPG Disappointments Of 2015

In a full year's worth of releases there will always be duds, but thankfully this year was filled mostly with worthy entries that are genuinely worth playing. In fact, one of the major letdowns was simply a release that didn't appear when it was originally projected to land. Persona 5 was sadly pushed back (we really should be playing that right now), but is slated to drop in the summer of 2016.

The biggest RPG disappointment of the year took a classic role playing formula and dumbed it down into a hack-and-slash click fest with only minor DM tools: Sword Coast Legends.

D&D has been missing from the single player or co-op arena for a long time, and it's return wasn't groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination. Garnering mixed reviews at steam and a metacritic score of 61, its clear this isn't Baldur's Gate. Hell, this isn't even Neverwinter Nights.

This is not the 5th edition game you are looking for

The Biggest RPG Releases Of 2015

Welcome home indeed! After years of delays and waiting in silence with no official info dropping until the 11th hour, the biggest RPG of the year (and probably most anticipated game of any genre) arrived in November. There were tweaks to the formula that make it possible to play the game more like a shooter, but Fallout 4 still remains pretty solidly in RPG territory.

Between the settlement building, weapon and armor crafting, side quests, and main story, you could easily sink hundreds of hours into the post apocalyptic wasteland. Granted, there are problems – graphical glitches and bugs abound this close to launch, as is expected from Bethesda at this point – but the Metacritic score of 84 speaks of a game that is remaining competitive even if there were disappointments.

Welcome Home Vault Dweller!

Continuing to bring in heaps of praise and with a whopping 92 metacritic score, The Witcher 3 is the surprise hit of the year. It's been a wild ride for this series, going from a niche PC RPG by a little-known European developer to a huge phenomena that reaches its crescendo in the third installment. The graphics are fabulous, the gameplay is solid, and a steady stream of DLC keeps massively expanding the game so you never have to stop playing.

There's also something to be said about the Witcher series giving us what Bioware's RPG romances have typically been too afraid to provide: actual sex scenes with *gasp* nipples and everything! What has got me most hot and bothered about The Witcher 3 though is what comes next – with this title finally released, CD Projekt Red can finish Cyberpunk 2077!

Classic Gameplay And Crowd Funding In 2015

It can't be overstated: crowd funding has changed the gaming landscape. We're getting a sequel to Planescape: Torment next year, and that's entirely due to crowd funding. Publishers and middle men are getting cut out entirely, and the consumers are putting their money into the projects they actually want to get made.

As it turns out, quite a bit of what RPG fans want involves returning to classic gameplay, as was clearly shown with Pillars of Eternity. While some were disappointed in the end product, it's the vast majority loved seeing the Infinity Engine games get a modern day overhaul, because this title sits at a solid 89 metacritic score. Honestly I couldn't have been more happy when I first booted up Pillars: it was somehow 1998 all over again and I was kid spending a silly amount of time exploring every last inch of Baldur's Gate once more.

Obsidian took us back to a classic era with this one

More importantly, the game brought me back to the oddity of Planescape: Torment's companions. The banter between Durance – a priest who hates his goddess – and Eder – whose god was killed by Durance - are imminently enjoyable. And that's just the beginning. The unexpected themes of atheism versus faith were a welcome change to the typical RPG storyline, and there were much more mature themes than what you'd typically see (due in no small part to cutting out D&D and Wizards of the Coast, who don't want anything even remotely close to passing a PG-13 rating).

There were some complex morality issues to be found in there as well, with unexpected consequences for your actions. I particularly enjoyed how siding against the evil tyrant could result in everyone in the area being slaughtered by undead, while helping to subjugate the peasants actually led to peace and harmony down the road.

On the heels of Pillars came another classic reinterpretation of an old school gem: Shadowrun Hong Kong was just dripping with atmosphere and upped the ante from the already stellar Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Starting out as an Asian cop movie with two siblings on opposite sides of the law, this third iteration in Harebrained Scheme's adaptions of the classic pen-and-paper RPG goes some crazy places. It all gets grounded back in reality at the end though, as your world-saving anti-heroes are reminded that if people can survive the resurgence of magic and dragon attacks, then they wouldn't mind one particular town getting taken over by an evil demon goddess.

Harebrained Schemes will be quite busy for the next couple of years after successfully kickstarting a Battletech game. But honestly, these guys need to do an Earthdawn RPG one day. That's the one FASA pen-and-paper title to never get its just due in the PC realm.

Where man meets magic and machine: and Asian cops and demon gods

While Pillars and Shadowrun were the most visible old school games, there were plenty more than went under the radar and are worth investigating -- like the early access UnderRail, which continues in the style of the original Fallout games. If you dig party-based, isometric RPGs, you will want to take a gander at Serpent In The Staglands. For those who like lots of dialog and turn-based gameplay, don't forget that The Age Of Decadence just dropped back in October.

Earlier Games Updated With New Formats In 2015

It wasn't just entirely new games that generated buzz this year, as plenty of games – both old and relatively recent – got facelifts and saw new editions land in 2015. Two of the biggest came to games created through the power of crowd funding. Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin (two very different takes on the RPG genre) were both overhauled and re-released in updated versions, with graphical improvements and plenty of gameplay tweaks that changed them to the point of nearly being new games.

Previous owners got the new version for free to boot!

The Final Fantasy series has always lagged behind in terms of PC releases, with consoles getting all the love and the PC master race only getting occasional scraps years after the fact. One of those scraps finally arrived in 2015 ,as the 3D version of Final Fantasy 4: The After Years landed on Steam, letting anyone without a Wii get to experience the direct follow-up to the classic Final Fantasy 4 story.

Beyond just PC or console, the Final Fantasy series likes to toy with North American fans and give Japanese players all the love first. The 2011 title Final Fantasy Type-0 just arrived on North American consoles back in May and on Steam later in the summer. The wait may have been too long though, as reviews are definitely mixed, with a metacritic score of 72 for this HD rendition of the aging game.

Better late than never?

Not to be left out, the much loved creature-raising series Monster Hunter saw a late North American release in 2015, as Monster Hunter 4 arrived in its “Ultimate Edition” for the 3DS early in the year (after being out in Japan since 2013). Handheld fans are clearly digging this one despite the length of time they were required to wait, as reviews are mostly positive and hover around 86%.

The Many RPG Sequels Of 2015

Outside the big name titles, returns to classic gameplay, and re-releases of old games, 2015 was a year heavy on sequels when it came to RPGs. One that's had everyone waiting with baited breath lands this week at the tail end of the year, with a new entry in the Xeno series arriving to prop up the struggling Wii U. There really aren't that many RPGs at all for that particular console, so the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles X stateside is a breath of fresh air for anyone in need of a role playing fix.

The dungeon crawling crowd got not only two sequels in one, but also a surprise crossover on the 3DS in April when Etrian Mystery Dungeon launched. Make sure to stock up on healing items if you plan on delving into ever-deeper levels of dungeoneering in this one, because the addition of rogue-like elements makes it a lot more unforgiving!

The anime-based Sword Art Online: Lost Song also launched this year, taking the series to a different game world and putting a heavier focus on both action combat and hardcore level grinding. Another grinder that show how very different two RPGs can be is Disagea 5, where Sony let gamers play as the bad guys and put them in control of a demon army that seems more focused on slapstick humor than damning any souls.

Who said demon princes can't be comedians?

Significantly beating out Disagea in the longevity department, the Tales franchise got a new entry as the year is closing out with Tales of Zestiria, which again mixes 3D action combat with classic RPG gameplay. As usual this entry is a mixed bag, featuring a lackluster story and humor that sometimes works and sometimes falls flat, but if you liked any of the previous Tales games, this one will keep you hooked on the combat.

The Forecast for 2016

While 2015 was a solid balance of old school charm and slick, next generation games, the coming year is currently slanting more towards the bigger releases with hyper polished effects. Final Fantasy XV will of course dominate, although it remains to be seen if SquareEnix is ready to actually recover from the fiasco that was the FF13 and its spin offs and deliver something worth playing in the single player department again.

Titles in the Mass Effect and Deus Ex franchises will keep sci-fi roleplayers covered, along with Technomancer, an upcoming game set on Mars that is looking very interesting indeed. 

Just because the big name developers and AAA titles are on the rise next year doesn't mean you should discount the indie titles or throwbacks to an earlier generation of RPGs though! There's not a PC RPG fan around who isn't waiting with baited breath to see if Torment: Tides Of Numenera can live up to the hype of its predecessor, while Project Setsuna sees Square Enix returning to its roots and focusing on its strengths with a SNES style offering.

In a move no one expected, there's also an actual Baldur's Gate title coming, as Beamdog studio gives us an expansion/sequel using the exact same engine and assets titled Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

Get ready for this one to get weird!

Want a full list of what's coming soon you should be saving your money for? Check out our complete look at the most anticipated RPGs of 2016 here, as well as our examination of the coming year's MMOs, which feature more than a few RPGs in their ranks.

What did you think of the RPG offerings throughout 2015, and what were your favorite games/biggest disappointments? Share with us in the comments! 

Triumph Studios Announces New Age of Wonders 3 Release Date and New Rogue Lord Class Tue, 28 Jan 2014 06:52:48 -0500 Game Oracle

Have you been wondering where to buy Age of Wonders 3? Triumph Studios recently announced a new release date for Age of Wonders 3 after telling gamers a new video game would be ready in the Fall of 2013.

The latest release date is now the first quarter of 2014. This news probably isn’t surprising to many hard-core players, since it’s common for modern video games to take a little longer to develop. Gamers are going to have to wait a little longer to buy the latest installment to their favorite turn-based strategy title.

In related Age of Wonders 3 news, the developers also released the latest information on the new Rogue Lord class for the video game, which you can view here.  Experts in moving through the shadows of the world, Rogue Lords scheme and manipulate to achieve their nefarious goals. Their enemies disappear in the middle of the night, without a clue, which puts fear in the heart of all who oppose them. You can take a look at a YouTube video of the new Rogue Lord class here.

"Rogue Lords are masters of stealth, manipulation and theft. Any foolish citizen who makes trouble, disappears without a whisper in the middle of the night. Rogues employ charm, poison, assassinations, and the magic of the shadows to appease their subjects and manipulate rival leaders. Rogues have two faces: one they wear in public, while the other is a ruthless schemer behind closed doors, directing sinister forces that wait in shadow for the perfect moment to strike."

You should only have a few months to wait. Triumph Studios could have a few additional problems getting the video game up and running, in which case we’ll let you know if they announce a later release date for the video game.

If everything goes as planned? Gamers should get a taste of this RPG during the next few months. Hopefully, we won't get news of another (later) release date for Age of Wonders 3 in the future.